Canadian Gold

Canada defeated the United States 2-1 in the Gold Medal game at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.  In the words of Kent Brockman: I, for one, welcome our new Maple Leaf overlords.

The Canadian baseball team celebrates winning the Pan American Games gold medal on October 25. PHOTO: Baseball Canada

Baseball Canada has the story:

Jimmy Van Ostrand’s (Richmond, BC) two-out double in the top of the sixth gave Canada a 2-1 lead and they held on to defeat the United States and win the gold medal at the Pan American Games.

“To be going at this for so long and finally accomplish our goal is something truly special,” said Canadian Manager, Ernie Whitt. “I’m so happy for these kids. They’ve worked so hard.”

After giving up a run in the first inning, Canadian starter Andrew Albers (North Battleford, SK) turned in a phenomenal performance on the mound as he went 6 2/3 innings and allowed six hits, while striking out eight and walking none.

Scott Richmond (Vancouver, BC) came on in the bottom of the seventh with two out and runners on the corners only to get a fly-out to right field that ended the threat.

“Andrew Albers and Scotty Richmond came through for us tonight and my- gosh, it’s just a dream come true,” added Whitt.

My gosh, that last quote is so Canadian.

ESPN has highlights from the game.  Check out that freeze frame on the video.  I’m pretty sure that is former Rattlers pitcher Nick Bucci with the mutton chop sideburns who is ready to blowup that guys hand with the high five!

Here are the highlights from the Pan Am Games website. Watch the Canadian dugout as the runners return after scoring the two runs.  Pretty sure that’s Bucci.

Brock Kjeldgaard was the only former Rattler to appear in last night’s gold medal game for Canada.  He went 1-for-4 in the game and played centerfield.

Yes. Centerfield.  It’s not like he’s never played out there before last night.

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