November 2011

Greg Halman news

Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times had a pair of posts about Greg Halman on his blog yesterday.  The first covered Halman’s funeral service in The Netherlands.  The second had more details on the case against Halman’s brother.
Thousands see Greg Halman laid to rest as his family now copes with second part of tragedy

Greg Halman was given a sendoff in his native country of The Netherlands today befitting of a baseball player who had become a pioneer for Europeans in the game. Thousands attended a funeral mass and burial in the small town of Dreihuis, just outside of Halman’s hometown of Haarlem.

The Mariners were represented at the funeral by players Dan Cortes, Mike Carp, Adam Moore and Matt Mangini, all of whom teamed with Halman in Class AAA and later in the majors. The five stood on stage in a packed chapel, with thousands more outside, and Cortes told the story we mentioned on this blog last week about how he first met Halman, who had been mocking a tattoo of his in Spanish — not realizing Cortes was of hispanic heritage.

Mariners international scouting guru Bob Engle was at the funeral as well, along with scout Wayne Norton, who signed Halman. Mariners Dutch scout Peter Van Dalen, who put Larson on to Halman when the latter was just a teenager, was there as well.

“It was really special,” Van Dalen said. “We had to walk up a bit of a hill to get to the service and when you looked back down again, you could see all the people lined up ready to come and listen as well. It showed you just how important he was to so many people.”

Lawyer for Greg Halman’s brother says he’ll be kept under psychiatric observation next two months

[Frits] Huizinga is a former vice-president of the Kinheim team in the Dutch Major League, where Greg Halman got his start as a teenager and Jason Halman played up until last season. Besides knowing both brothers since birth, he’s been friends with their mother, Hanny Suidgeest, since she was 16 year old and has known their father, Eddy Halman, since his days playing for Kinheim as well.

In other words, he has the full backing of Halman’s immediate family and he is echoing their feelings when he says the death was the tragic result of terrible circumstances. Jason Halman, he said — confirming our blog post of this morning — had been suffering from psychological and emotional issues in the two weeks prior to the killing.

He had begun talking out loud to himself and very rapidly, not seeming to realize there was anyone else around. This type of behavior greatly alarmed his family.

“That’s the problem,” Huizinga told me. “We never realized what was going on. It was just in the last two weeks.”

Things intensified when Greg Halman returned Nov. 13 to the Rotterdam apartment he shared with his brother, following a European tour with other major leaguers. For much of the next week, Greg Halman saw his brother deteriorate to the point where his constant talking to himself aloud was starting to become unbearable. His pleas to his brother to stop didn’t seem to work.

Read the whole thing.

Greg Halman funeral service Photo Credit: Bron: ANP

A couple of videos from the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. Narration is in Dutch, but there are a few English speakers in the video:

This is video taken last week at the headquarters of Halman’s Dutch team:

Here is video from the services:

News, Notes, & Interviews

There are a few things out there for which I’d like to provide links.  Click the link above each excerpt for the full story.

Kjeldgaard eyes big leagues from the London (ONT) Community News:

For the time being, London’s best kept secret is tucked away at the back of Centrefield Sports indoor complex. Come March 2012, however, Riley “Brock” Kjeldgaard will be down south, flirting with the feat of being the first Forest City resident since Adam Stern in 2005 to make a Major League Baseball (MLB) roster.

“Baseball is a game where you might not get an opportunity,” said Kjeldgaard, 25, the centre’s lead hitting instructor. “But, when you do you have to be ready. It’s all about timing and good fortune.”

5 Tweets with Maverick Lasker from Peace & Glove blog:

Me: Other than easy access to glorious cheese, did you like playing in Appleton? What was the best part?

Maverick: The curds were fantastic, but the best part was playin in front of a packed house. Being associated with the Brewers, our fans were very supportive.

Manzanillo involved in auto accident from Adam McCalvy’s Brew Beat blog:

According to information from Manzanillo’s Dominican Winter League team published on, a truck struck Manzanillo’s Hummer on a highway in La Romana while Manzanillo was on his way to the Brewers’ new baseball academy. According to the website, Manzanillo, a right-handed power pitcher, suffered cuts and bruises on his right shoulder and was taken by plane to Cure International Hospital in Santo Domingo.

Adam’s update mentions:

Manzanillo, 22, suffered a separated right shoulder and is currently undergoing further tests.

Good news.

Jim from Bernie’s Crew takes a look at former Timber Rattler Matt Thornton (’99, ’00) as an option for the Brewers bullpen:

The White Sox are trying to move Thornton because he signed a two-year, $12M contract last season, and the back-end of their bullpen has gotten crowded with Sergio Santos and Chris Sale proving dominant. No need to pay a reliever $6M per year when he is not needed in the eighth or ninth inning. It’s just about finding a dance partner now on the open market.


The issue is the asking price. In Olney’s report, he says the White Sox have been trying to move Thornton since July and has found no takers. Either none of the other twenty-nine teams in the league have a use for a mid-90s throwing lefty with four consecutive seasons with a sub-3.00 FIP, or the asking price has universally been deemed too steep. Obviously, the latter is far more likely.

If that asking price comes down a bit, it will be interesting to hear if the Brewers want to get involved in the fray. It would certainly make sense for the organization in terms of what Milwaukee has done in the past and falls in line with their 2012 goals for roster construction.

Jim also includes a note that Johnny Narron, the new Brewers hitting coach, played for the Appleton Foxes in 1975.  He joins third base coach Ed Sedar, an Appleton Fox in ’82, ’83, & ’85, on the staff.

A few Timber Rattlers notes:

The tickets for the 2012 Donald Driver Charity Softball Game went on sale this morning. Here is a link to purchase your tickets for this annual event.

The 2012 Timber Rattlers Calendars arrived today. Somehow, a photo I took was included and is used for the picture in March. You will receive a 2012 calendar for free when you purchase a holiday ticket package.

Alumni Winter League stats this week

Australian Baseball League

Adelaide Bite:
Denny Almonte (’08): 11 games; .293/.383/.415; HR, 2 RBI

Perth Heat:
Jamie McOwen (’07): 11 games; .311/.392/.400; 0HR, 3RBI

Sydney Blue Sox:
Craig Anderson (’00): 4 games, 4 starts; 1-1, 3.16ERA; 25.2IP, 4BB, 16K

Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional:

Aguilas del Zulia:
Carlos Maldonado (’99): 22 games; .155/.338/.241; 0HR, RBI
Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): 9 games, 8 starts; 5-2, 2.91ERA; 46.1IP, 14BB, 28K
Jose Escalona (’08): 13 games; 0-0, 4.32ERA; 8.1IP, 5BB, 0K

Bravos de Margarita:
Edgar Trejo (’09): 6 games; 1-for-7
Renee Cortez (’03): 3 games; 0-0, 3.00ERA; 6.0IP, 2BB, 4K

Cardenales de Lara:
Johan Limonta (’06): 14 games; .250/.315/.333; 0HR, 3RBI
Oswaldo Navarro (’05): 33 games; .276/.347/.400; 3HR, 10 RBI
Michael Saunders (’06): 16 games; .148/.292/.259; 1 HR, 4RBI
Luis Valbuena (’06): 36 games; .274/.384/.452; 4 HR; 18RBI
Caesar Jimenez (’03): 12 games; 1-2, 6.00ERA; 15.0IP; 6BB, 8K

Caribes de Anzoategui:
Luis Oliveros (’02): 6 games; .235/.350/.235; 0 HR, 4RBI
Mike Wilson (’05): 34 games; .194/.343/.398; 7HR, 16RBI

Leones del Caracas:
Mike Fiers (’09): 6 games, 5 starts; 3-2, 2.22ERA; 28.1IP, 10BB, 18K

Navegantes del Magallanes:
Lorenzo Cain (’09): 9 games; .212/.333/.333; HR, 2 RBI
Bryan LaHair (’04): 26 games; .263/.381/.566; 8 HR, 16RBI

Liga de Beisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico:

Criollos de Caguas:
Efrain Nieves (’10): 7 games; 0-1, 3.18ERA; 5.2IP, 2BB, 3K

Gigantes de Carolina:
Daniel Carroll (’08): 15 games; .235/.333/.373; HR, 4RBI
Jeff Dominguez (’06): 16 games; .298/.369/.544; 4 HR, 10 RBI
Rene Rivera (’03): 4 games; .333/.385/.500; 0 HR, 0RBI

Indios de Mayaguez:
Martin Maldonado (’09): 16 games; .340/.400/.553; 2 HR, 9 RBI
Wilfredo Quintana (’01): 1 game; 0-for-1
Hiram Burgos (’10): 2 games, 2 starts; 0-2, 17.18ERA; 3.2IP, 2 BB, 1 K
Josue Matos (’99): 3 games, 2 starts; 0-0, 4.32ERA; 8.1IP,5BB, 7K

Liga de Beisbol Dominicano:

Aguilas Cibaenas:
Edward Paredes (’08): 10 games; 0-1, SAVE, 3.38ERA; 5.1IP, BB, 5K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 15 games; 2-1, 2.08ERA; 17.1IP, 5BB, 11K

Estrellas de Oriente:
Leury Bonilla (’07): 5 games; 1-for-2
Juan Diaz (’08): 11 games; .133/.212/.133; 0 HR, 4RBI

Gigantes del Cibao:
Carlos Peguero (’07): 29 games; .309/.381/.636; 9 HR, 24 RBI
Aquilino Lopez (’00): 5 games, 4 starts; 2-1, 2.20ERA; 16.1IP, 4 BB, 7 K
Wily Peralta (’09): 6 games, 4 starts; 1-3, 4.68ERA; 25.0IP; 7 BB, 21 K

Leones del Escogido:
Jorge Sosa (’01): 7 games, 7 starts; 1-3, 2.81ERA; 32.0IP; 12BB, 26K

Tigres del Licey:
Carlos Triunfel (’07): 10 games; .208/.208/.250; 0 HR, 2 RBI
Santo Manzanillo (’10): 1 game, 0-0, *.**ERA; 0.0IP; BB

Flashback Friday Supplemental

This week’s edition of Flashback Friday is takes you back to September 6, 1978.  That is the day the Appleton Foxes won the Midwest League Championship with a victory over the Burlington Bees to cap the best season in Appleton Baseball History. (97 wins in the regular season and four in the playoffs).

Here are a couple of supplemental materials to go along with the main story:

For some reason, I am not permitted to link to URL’s when posting on the main website.  So, here is a link to an article from quite a few years ago about the 1978 Appleton Foxes.  At the time, selected that Foxes team as the #93 team in minor league baseball history.

Here is the full 1978 team photo.  It was taken from the 1979 Foxes program:

The 1978 Appleton Foxes. Click for a larger image.


Alumni Winter League Stats (Through 11/21)

Arizona Fall League (FINAL STATS):

Peoria Javelinas:
Kentrail Davis (’10): 23 games; .325/.429/.519; HR, 12 RBI
Scooter Gennett (’10): 22 games; .411/.470/.556; 2HR, 14 RBI
Adam Moore (’06): 15 games; .259/.355/.315; 0HR, 8RBI
Jed Bradley (??): 5 games, 2 starts; 1-0, 6.48ERA; 8.1IP, 4BB, 8K
Santo Manzanillo (’10): 3 games; 0-1, 6.75ERA; 2.2IP; 2BB, K
Daniel Meadows (’09): 10 games; 0-0, 6.57ERA; 12.1IP; 7BB, 5K
Casey Medlen (’11): 8 games; 1-2, 5.84ERA; 12.1IP; 4BB, 12K
Cody Scarpetta (’09): 5 games, 4 starts; 0-3, 19.64ERA; 7.1IP; 13BB, 7K
Tyler Thornburg (’11): 3 games; 1-0, 3.38ERA; 5.1IP; 4BB, 3K

Surprise Saguaros:
Nathan Adcock (’08): 6 games, 6 starts; 2-2, 4.44ERA; 24.1IP; 4BB, 23K
Jeremy Jeffress (’10): 11 games; 0-1, 4.91ERA; 11IP; 8BB, 15K

Australian Baseball League:

Adelaide Bite:
Denny Almonte (’08): 7 games; .320/.414/.520; HR, 2RBI

Perth Heat:
Jamie McOwen (’07): 11 games; .311/.392/.400; 0HR, 3RBI

Sydney Blue Sox:
Craig Anderson (’00): 3 games, 3 starts; 1-1, 3.20ERA; 19.2IP; 4BB, 11K

Venezuela Winter League:

Aguilas del Zulia:
Carlos Maldonado (’99): 19 games; .125/.300/.208; 0HR, RBI
Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): 7 games, 6 starts; 3-2, 3.51ERA; 33.1IP; 12BB, 23K

Bravos de Margarita:
Edgar Trejo (’09): 6 games; 1-for-7

Cardenales de Lara:
Johan Limonta (’06): 9 games; .276/.333/.379; 0HR, RBI
Oswaldo Navarro (’05): 30 games; .277/.351/.406; 3HR, 10RBI
Michael Saunders (’06): 16 games; .148/.292/.259; HR, 4RBI
Luis Valbuena (’06): 32 games; .234/.354/.364; 2HR, 11RBI
Caesar Jimenez (’03): 10 games; 1-1, 4.38ERA; 12.1IP; 2BB, 8K

Caribes de Anzoategui:
Luis Oliveros (’02): 6 games; .235/.350/.235; 0HR, 4RBI
Mike Wilson (’05): 29 games; .217/.354/.446; 7HR, 13RBI

Navegantes del Magallanes:
Lorenzo Cain (’09): 9 games; .212/.333/.333; HR, 2RBI
Bryan LaHair (’04): 24 games; .264/.391/.560; 7HR, 14RBI

Dominican Winter League:

Aguilas Cibaenas:
Edward Paredes (’08): 7 games; 0-1, SAVE, 4.91ERA; 3.2IP; 4BB, 3K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 12 games; 2-0, 1.69ERA; 16.0IP; 4BB, 10K

Estrellas de Oriente:
Leury Bonilla (’07): 5 games; 1-for-2

Gigantes del Cibao:
Carlos Peguero (’07): 24 games; .315/.379/.663; 8HR, 18RBI
Aquilino Lopez (’00): 4 games, 3 starts; 1-1, 3.18ERA; 11.1IP; 2BB, 6K
Wily Peralta (’09): 6 games, 4 starts; 1-3, 4.68ERA; 25.0IP; 7BB, 21K

Leones del Escogido:
Jorge Sosa (’01): 6 games, 6 starts; 1-2, 2.30ERA; 27.1IP; 11BB, 25K

Tigres del Licey:
Carlos Triunfel (’07): 8 games; .227/.227/.273; 0HR, 2RBI

Puerto Rican Winter League:

Criollos de Caguas:
Efrain Nieves (’10): 6 games, 0-1, 3.86ERA; 4.2IP; BB, 3K

Gigantes de Carolina:
Daniel Carroll (’08): 12 games; .214/.320/.357; HR, 4RBI
Jeffrey Dominguez (’06): 13 games; .267/.358/.578; 4HR, 10RBI
Rene Rivera (’03): 4 games; .333/.385/.500; 0HR; 0RBI

Indios de Mayaguez:
Martin Maldonado (’09): 12 games; .361/.415/.556; HR, 7RBI
Wilfredo Quintana (’01): 1 game; 0-for-1
Josue Matos (’99): 3 games, 2 starts; 0-0, 4.32ERA; 8.1IP, 5BB, 7K

Greg Halman as a Timber Rattler

Greg Halman was killed in the Netherlands on Monday. has a piece with the details.

 Mariners outfielder Greg Halman was killed in his native Netherlands early Monday morning, according to Dutch police.

Halman, 24, was found stabbed to death at a house in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on Monday. Reports indicate that his 22-year-old brother was arrested as a suspect.

The Haarlem, Netherlands, native was coming off his rookie season in the Majors after splitting time between Triple-A Tacoma and Seattle, appearing in 75 games overall.

Police were called to the house Monday morning and found Halman bleeding from a stab wound, according to Rotterdam police spokeswoman Patricia Wessels. Paramedics were unable to revive him.

Today’s Mehring Monday is about Halman, who played 52 games with the Timber Rattlers in 2007.  Please, click over for the whole column.

Here are a few photos of Halman from his time with the Rattlers in 2007.

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Prospects, All-Stars, & Arizona Wrap

John Steinberg from the Brewers has this feature about Kentrail Davis, who wrapped up his Arizona Fall League season yesterday, on the John & Cait…Plus Nine blog.

 “For me, it is an honor to be here,” said the 23-year old. “Obviously, the Brewers believe in me and believe in what I can do. I am very happy to have this chance to show everyone a little more of what I can do. It is a good opportunity for me to show the organization that I can hit good pitching and play with the best.”

Davis is 5-9 and weighs 195 pounds; he uses his athleticism and speed at the plate, on the base paths and in the outfield.

“I just go out there and play,” said Davis. “If it is hitting, or stealing a bag, or running a ball down in the outfield, I use that athleticism and my ability to prove I can play.”

The final stats of the former Rattlers on the Peoria Javelinas:

Kentrail Davis (’10): 23 games; .325/.429/.519; HR, 12RBI
Scooter Gennett (’10): 22 games; .411/.470/.556; 2HR, 14RBI
Adam Moore (’06): 15 games; .259/.355/.315; 0HR, 8RBI

Jed Bradley (??): 5 games, 2 starts; 1-0, 6.48ERA; 8.1IP; 4BB, 8K
Santo Manzanillo (’10): 3 games; 0-1, 6.75ERA; 2.2IP; 2BB, K
Daniel Meadows (’09): 10 games; 0-0, 6.57ERA; 12.1IP, 7BB, 5K
Casey Medlen (’11): 8 games; 1-2, 5.84ERA; 12.1IP, 4BB, 12K
Cody Scarpetta (’09): 5 games, 4 starts; 0-3, 19.64ERA; 7.1IP, 13BB, 7K
Tyler Thornburg (’11): 3 games, 1-0, 3.38ERA; 5.1IP, 4BB, 3K

Former Rattlers Nathan Adcock (’09) and Jeremy Jeffress (’10) are with Surprise, one of the teams that will be in the AFL Championship Game on Saturday. has a list of their top 15 prospects in the Arizona Fall League.  Two of them are Brewers prospects; One gets a writeup:

16. Jed Bradley, LHP, Brewers: The No. 15 overall pick in June’s Draft joined Hultzen in Peoria here and there was a little bit of a split about this southpaw. He might have slightly better pure stuff than Hultzen, but not as much polish. He didn’t pitch much — he had a groin issue early — but he did show hints of the repertoire that made him one of the better college arms in the Draft class.

Scooter comes in at #24, but does not get a writeup. also put together Brewers Organizational All-Stars for the 2011 minor league season.

Here is the team.  Click through for the full article.  I’ll pull out the extended writeups on the players who spent part or all of 2011 with the Timber Rattlers.

C: Martin Maldonado (’09)
1B: Mat Gamel
2B: Scooter Gennett (’10)
3B: Taylor Green (’09)
SS: Yadiel Rivera (’11)

Shortstop — Yadiel Rivera, Helena (74 games), Wisconsin (32 games): Rivera celebrated his first full year in the Minors with a Pioneer League postseason All-Star selection. Selected in the ninth round of the 2010 Draft, the shortstop hit a combined .236 with nine homers and 43 RBIs over 106 games.

He also smacked 16 doubles, legged out eight triples and scored 53 runs. No shortstop in the system had more homers, triples or RBIs than Rivera, who struggled in his first look at the Midwest League but looked much more comfortable playing rookie ball in the second half.

“He’s got great potential, and he’s playing guys who are two, three and four years older than he is,” said [Reid] Nichols. “He’s still growing. He’s an inch or two taller than he was at the start of spring, and he’s going through some changes with his body that he’s adjusting to. He’s got some leverage in his swing, and he’s at the right place at the right time defensively. The game slows down for him. I think he’ll be average across the board with the bat and above-average defensively.”

Added [Darnell] Coles: “He’s something special — 6-foot-3, maybe 6-foot-4. He may outgrow shortstop. He’s got some kind of easy power. If you watch him take batting practice, he almost swings like [16-year Major League veteran] Wally Joiner. He doesn’t swing very hard, but the ball jumps off his bat. He’s a special talent.”

OF: Brock Kjeldgaard (’09)
OF: Khris Davis (’10)
OF: TJ Mittelstaedt (’11)

T.J. Mittelstaedt, Wisconsin (113 games): After appearing in just 45 games in his rookie season in the Arizona League last year, Mittelstaedt spent all of 2011 in the Class A Midwest League. He hit .293 and drew 76 walks, giving him a .410 on-base percentage that ranked second in the league.

The 23-year-old, who hit in every spot in the lineup, smacked a dozen homers, swiped 28 bases and scored 72 runs. He predominantly manned left field, but he also saw time in right, at second base and as the team’s designated hitter. Completing his utility makeup, Mittelstaedt also pitched in two games, tossing a scoreless inning on each occasion.

“T.J. has done a great job coming in as a guy battling for a position, but he’s shown our organization that he can take pitches, take close pitches, work the count, see a lot of pitches per at-bat and help the guys behind him and the guys in front of him,” Nichols said.

“He’s a fantastic utility guy who swings the bat well,” said Coles. “He puts the ball in play. He’s a headsy player like Willie Bloomquist. He plays every place well, he understands when to bunt and he reads the game well.”

Utility: Hunter Morris (’10)
Utility: Mike Walker (’11)
Utility: Kentrail Davis (’10)

RH Starting Pitcher: Mike Fiers (’09)
LH Starting Pitcher: Dan Merklinger (’09)
Relief Pitcher: Santo Manzanillo (’10)

Baseball America has their list of the top 10 prospects in the Brewers System.  From Tom Haudricourt’s introduction:

Milwaukee didn’t need much help from the minor leagues [in 2011], though third baseman Taylor Green parlayed a big season at Triple-A into a late-August callup and a spot on the postseason roster. After dropping to 30th in Baseball America’s rankings following the Greinke and Marcum deals, the farm system rallied in 2011 and showed some promise for the future.

The Brewers won’t necessarily have openings for them, but Green, outfielders Logan Schafer and Caleb Gindl and righthander Michael Fiers have proven themselves in Triple-A and could help at the major league level in 2012. Righthander Wily Peralta, the orgnization’s No. 1 prospect, allowed just seven runs in five Triple-A starts at the end of the season and isn’t far behind.

The list (with Rattlers alumni in bold):
1.  Wily Peralta, rhp
2.  Taylor Jungmann, rhp
3.  Jed Bradley, lhp
4.  Tyler Thornburg, rhp
5.  Scooter Gennett, 2b
6.  Logan Schafer, of
7.  Cody Scarpetta, rhp
8.  Taylor Green, 3b/2b
9.  Jorge Lopez, rhp
10. Jimmy Nelson, rhp

One other news item to pass along in this post.  Baseball America’s Prospect Blog has the players release by Milwaukee in the last week.  There were a few Rattlers on that list.

RHP Dan Britt
RHP Skyler Crawford
RHP Greg Davis
RHP Alex Jones
RHP Jose Oviedo
LHP Charly Bashara
C Doug Elliot
C Steve Felix
OF Robbie Garvey

Scooter Day

The Arizona Fall League wrapped up its regular season today.

The Peoria Javelinas ended their season with a 2-2 tie against the Phoenix Desert Dogs.

Scooter Gennett (’10) went 1-for-3 with a pair of RBI for Peoria to finish the season at .411/.470/.556 with a pair of homers and 14 RBI.  I’ll touch on how other ex-Rattlers performed in the down in Arizona with a post tomorrow, but today is mostly about Scooter.

Mainly because this post from the Brewers website has about two minutes of a video interview with Scooter.

Then, there is the extended video of the interview on Jonathan Mayo’s blog.  But first, Mayo’s lead-in:

I’ll admit, I tend to like scrappy players who go all out. Guys named Scooter are automatically going to become guys I root for unless something happens to make me feel otherwise.

Then I met Scooter Gennett and the conversation merely confirmed my earlier thought. It’s hard not to like the guy.

Last note today: Adam McCalvy notes (on his twitter account) that Baseball America has released their list of the Top 10 Brewers Prospects for 2012.  Former Timber Rattlers in bold.

1. Wily Peralta
2. Taylor Jungmann
3. Jed Bradley
4. Tyler Thornburg
5. Scooter Gennett
6. Logan Schafer
7. Cody Scarpetta
8. Taylor Green
9. Jorge Lopez
10. Jimmy Nelson

Updated Alumni Stats (As of 11/13/11)

Arizona Fall League:

Peoria Javelinas:
Kentrail Davis (’10): 20 games, .324/.432/.485; HR, 9RBI
Scooter Gennett (’10): 18 games, .419/.482/.541; 2HR, 11RBI
Adam Moore (’06): 13 games, .234/.345/.298; 0 HR, 7RBI
Jed Bradley (??): 4 games, 1 start, 0-0; 6.35ERA; 5.2IP, 3BB, 5K
Daniel Meadows (’09): 9 games; 0-0, 6.35ERA; 11.1IP, 7BB, 5K
Casey Medlen (’11): 7 games, 1-2, 6.35ERA; 11.1IP, 4BB, 11K
Cody Scarpetta (’09): 5 games, 4 starts, 0-3; 19.64; 7.1IP, 13BB, 7K

Surprise Saguaros:
Nathan Adcock (’08): 5 games, 5 starts, 1-2, 5.59ERA; 19.1IP, 4BB, 18K
Jeremy Jeffress (’10): 9 games, 0-1, 6.00ERA; 9.0IP, 7BB, 13K

Australian Baseball League:

Adelaide Bite:
Denny Almonte (’08): 7 games, .320/.414/.520; HR, 2RBI

Perth Heat:
Jamie McOwen (’07): 7 games, .300/.364/.367; 0HR, RBI

Sydney Blue Sox:
Craig Anderson (’00): 2 games, 2 starts, 1-0, 1.35ERA; 13.1IP, 2BB, 9K

Venezuelan Winter League:

Cardenales de Lara:
Johan Limonta (’06): 3 games, 2-for-8
Oswaldo Navarro (’05): 27 games, .261/.330/.402; 3HR, 10RBI
Michael Saunders (’06): 16 games, .148/.292/.259; HR, 4 RBI
Luis Valbuena (’06): 27 games, .244/.370/.389; 2HR, 10RBI
Caesar Jimenez (’03): 8 games, 1-1, 3.60ERA; 10.0IP, BB, 6K

Aguilas del Zulia:
Carlos Maldonado (’99): 17 games; .143/.321/.238; 0HR, RBI
Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): 6 games, 5 starts, 2-2, 3.86ERA; 28.0IP; 11BB, 19K
Jose Escalona (’08): 9 games, 0-0, 7.20ERA; 5IP, 5BB, 0K

Bravos de Margarita:
Edgar Trejo (’09): 6 games, 1-for-7

Caribes de Anzoategui:
Luis Oliveros (’02): 5 games, .228/.318/.281, 0HR, 4RBI
Mike Wilson (’05): 23 games, .208/.348/.417; 5 HR, 10 RBI

Navegantes del Magallanes:
Lorenzo Cain (’09): 9 games; .212/.333/.333; HR, 2 RBI
Bryan LaHair (’04): 24 games, .264/.391/.560; 7HR, 14RBI

Puerto Rican Winter League:

Criollos de Caguas:
Efrain Nieves (’10): 4 games, 0-1, 9.00ERA; 2IP, BB, 0K

Gigantes de Carolina:
Daniel Carroll (’08): 7 games, .185/.290/.222; 0HR, 2RBI
Jeff Dominguez (’06): 8 games, .379/.438/.862; 4HR, 9RBI
Rene Rivera (’03): 2 games, .333/.429/.333; 0HR, 0RBI

Indios de Mayaguez:
Martin Maldonado (’09): 7 games; .429/.458/.667; HR, 5RBI
Hiram Burgos (’10): 2 games, 2 starts; 0-2, 17.18ERA; 3.2IP, 2BB, K

Dominican Winter League:

Aguilas Cibaenas:
Edward Paredes (’08): 6 games; 0-1, save, 5.40ERA; 3.1IP, 4BB, 2K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 9 games; 2-0, 0.71ERA; 12.2IP, 3BB, 10K

Estrellas de Oriente:
Leury Bonilla (’07): 5 games, 1-for-2
Juan Diaz (’08): 10 games, .115/.207/.115 0HR, 0RBI

Gigantes del Cibao:
Carlos Peguero (’07): 19 games, .338/.407/.732 7HR, 15RBI
Aquilino Lopez (’00): 2 games, 1 start, 0-1, 11.57ERA; 2.1IP, 0BB, 0K
Wily Peralta (’09): 5 games, 4 starts, 0-3, 5.57ERA, 21.0IP, 7BB, 16K

Leones del Escogido:
Alex Liddi (’08): 3 games, 0-for-7
Jorge Sosa (’01): 4 games, 4 starts, 1-0, 1.45ERA; 18.2IP, 9BB, 16K

Tigres del Licey:
Carlos Triunfel (’07): 7 games, .238/.238/.286; 0HR, 2RBI

It’s Veterans Day

Here is a link to a column that I wrote in 2009 about Veterans Day.  A brief bit of the column:

Dick Williams was an [Appleton] Papermaker in 1940 and went on to pitch for the Sheboygan Indians in 1941. He went into the Army in 1942 and didn’t come home.

Williams entered military service with the Army on July 25, 1942 at Kalamazoo , Michigan. He served with the 82nd Field Artillery Battalion of 1st Cavalry Division in the Pacific and was killed in action during the battle for the Philippines on February 21, 1945.

Technician Fifth Grade Williams was posthumously awarded the Silver Star and is buried at the Manila American Cemetery at Fort Bonifacio in Manila , Philippines.

The entry on Williams may be found at the In Memoriam segment of the Baseball in Wartime website.  Here is a part of that website that has a list of players who have served.  Click the link up top for the whole column.

The Disabled American Veterans have been a sponsor of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers for the last few seasons.  They are online at Twitter (@DAVHQ) and Facebook.  They also put together some Veterans Day videos on YouTube.  Here is one of those videos:

Thanks to all the veterans for their service and their sacrifice.

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