Flashback Friday Supplemental

This week’s edition of Flashback Friday is takes you back to September 6, 1978.  That is the day the Appleton Foxes won the Midwest League Championship with a victory over the Burlington Bees to cap the best season in Appleton Baseball History. (97 wins in the regular season and four in the playoffs).

Here are a couple of supplemental materials to go along with the main story:

For some reason, I am not permitted to link to minorleaguebaseball.com URL’s when posting on the main website.  So, here is a link to an article from quite a few years ago about the 1978 Appleton Foxes.  At the time, milb.com selected that Foxes team as the #93 team in minor league baseball history.

Here is the full 1978 team photo.  It was taken from the 1979 Foxes program:

The 1978 Appleton Foxes. Click for a larger image.


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You can link minorleaguebaseball.com links on the regular web page, you just have to cut out the entire “http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com” part of the link. So basically, the / point forward. Try it out, it should work.

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