Meet the 2012 Timber Rattlers

Here is the PDF of the roster for the 2012 Rattlers:

UPDATE: Chad Pierce is going to wear 11 and there was also a slight misspelling of a players name.  Here is the up-to-date copy:


Here is the release on the Timber Rattlers home page.

Click on the names for their page. Players who are returning from 2011 are in bold.  Twitter handles – that I could find – where applicable.

Jacob Barnes
Drew Gagnon  – @Dgags24
David Goforth @Brew_Crew72
Seth Harvey@MrSethHarvey
Seth Lintz @SethLintz
Matt Milller
Andy Moye
Chad Pierce@pierce_chad
Stephen Peterson@SPetey22
Kevin Shackelford
Tommy Toledo@TommyToledo13
Mark Williams@M9Willy40

Brandon Williamson

Parker Berberet
Rafael Neda@rafaelneda88
Tyler Roberts

Carlos George
Greg Hopkins @StJonnyHopkins
Brandon Macias@Cias12
Yadiel Rivera
Jason Rogers @JasonRogers2003
Adrian Williams@A__Williams13

John Dishon
Ben McMahan @BenMac15
Chad Stang

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