2012 Timber Rattlers Intro Music

Preload some of these into your ipod and be prepared:

Jacob Barnes: 8 Second Ride – Jake Owen
Andrew Gagnon: Narcissistic Cannibal – Korn Ft. Skrillex
David Goforth: Til’ I Collapse – Eminem (instrumental)
Seth Harvey: Waving Flag (Celebration Mix) – K’Naan
Seth Lintz: Symphony Of Destruction – Megadeath
Seth Miller: What is Love – Haddaway
Andy Moye: Letting Go – Sean Kingston
Steve Peterson: Shipping Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys
Chad Pierce: Dierks Bentley – Am I the Only One
Kevin Shackelford: Rollin – Big N Rich
Tommy Toledo: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex
Mark Williams: Kick it in the Sticks – Brantley Gilbert
Brandon Williamson: New Shalom – Lecrae

Greg Hopkins: Work – Gang Starr
Yadiel Rivera: Sabor a Beisbol – Victor Manuelle
Adrian Williams: Young Jeezy – Everything
Brandon Macias: Hasta Abajo – Don Omar
Jason Rogers: Simon Says – Pharoah Monch
Carlos George: Jay Musico Logo – Unju Unju
John Dishon: Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison
Chadwin Stang :We Are Young – Fun
Ben McMahan: Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owens
Parker Berberet: God’s Going to Cut You down – Johnny Cash
Tyler Roberts: Eminem – Fast Lane
Rafael Neda: La Loba – Carnal Ft. J Alvarez

A few of the songs…that I at least recognize:

Jason Rogers returns with his popular one from last year:

Chadwin Stang is going to have the Mike Walker type song this year….One that I’ll like initially, but will eventually tune out:

Parker Berberet…I think we are going to get along just fine:





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What is yadiel riveras current walk up song?

Guaya by Arcangel

whats greg hopkins current walk up song?

Lights Please by J Cole.

What is lance roenicke’s current walk up song

Back to Life by Soul II Soul

Didn’t Chadwin Stang Change his walk up song? if so what is it?

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line.

what was cameron garfields walkup song in 2012

both of his walkups in i know one is till i collapse by eminem but
whats the other one

Sorry, We don’t have that saved.

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