Nine after Nine for April 21, 2012

Wisconsin – 3
West Michigan – 2
12 innings
Game Story | Boxscore

The view from in here was pretty good for the last three days.

  1. All you need to know about this game is right here:
    Kevin Shackelford: 4IP, 2r, 0BB, 2K
    Tyler Cravy: 4IP, 0r, 0BB, 3K
    Tommy Toledo: 3IP, 0r, 0BB, 2K
    Seth Harvey: IP, 0R, 0BB 2K
    12IP, 2R, 0BB, 9K
  2. Oh, you want a little more. How about the Whitecaps didn’t have a runner get past second base after the second inning. And all of the pitchers were between 92 and 95 on their top speeds.
  3. Here’s the funny thing. David Chavarria and I were talking before the game about what to expect out of some starting pitchers… not necessarily Shackelford, but hang with me here. Dave said that if a starting pitcher to is going to give up a couple of runs, make sure they are early and then make sure that those runs are all they get to let the offense get back into the game. It’s almost like there was a script.
  4. Max Walla is no longer hitless! His double in the sixth was well struck to the opposite field and he scored the tying run on the Parker Berberet double later in the inning.
  5. The Rattlers coaching staff pushed the right buttons in the 12th. Rafael Neda was hit by a pitch with one out. Chadwin Stang pinch ran and stole second despite everyone knowing that exactly what he was in there to do.  John Dishon followed with a single to score Stang with the go ahead run.
  6. The Rattlers offense did just enough today.  They walked one time and struck out 16 times in the game. Yet, they had ten hits and five of those hits were doubles.  After scoring 26 runs in the three games before Saturday, one off day is okay…I guess.
  7. Tack on another errorless game for the Rattlers defense.  Two errors in their last eleven games.
  8. For the velocity mavens out there, Seth Harvey registered 95 with one pitch and 94 on several others on the stadium pitch speed indicator.
  9. Two outs, nobody on, bottom of the 12th.  Harvey shatters Danry Vasquez bat. The ball hits the grass about 15 feet in front of the mound at about a 45 degree angle to the baseline with some unbelievable spin on it. The ball scoots by Harvey and rolls towards Carlos George at second base.  Then, the ball – still with some wicked spin on it – gets by George and rolls into the outfield in shallow center. Vasquez winds up at second base with a double.  It either reminded me of the Bugs Bunny slowball that struck out three Gashouse Gorillas or the tether on the blernsball started moving that ball on it own.  If baseballs have gained sentience, we are doomed, people…DOOMED!

Next series is here in South Bend.  It’s changed a bit since the last time.

The Cove has astroturf. It should be interesting.

See you tomorrow.

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