Nine after 9 for April 24, 2012

Wisconsin 4
South Bend 10
Game Story | Boxscore

Dusk in South Bend

  1. I’ll lead off with Goforth’s velocity, because that is what everyone asks about.  He was 94-96 with a  few 98s in there.  I saw a 100 on the scoreboard after one pitch.  It was low and away and Rafael Neda did a nice job stopping it. I cannot say that the actual velocity was 100, I can only say that I saw 100 on the scoreboard.
  2. Here’s the thing though, Tom Belza, the second Silver Hawks batter in the game, fouled off a 98mph fastball to stay alive.  Then, he turned around a 95mph fastball to the gap in right-center for a triple.  Goforth went to more breaking balls and off speed after that.  It’s a process.
  3. The fifth inning was tough.  Two outs with two on and the score was 2-1.  Then, back-to-back walks  forced in a run.  Then, a 2-0 pitch to Montilla was smacked for a two-run single to center and the Silver Hawks were up 5-1 and had all the runs they needed.
  4. Contrast the start from Jesse Darrah.  I don’t think he topped 90 tonight, but he hit his spots, walked one, and struck out one. If anyone ever needs to have “pitch to contact” explained, they should look at this game.
  5. Ender Inciarte joins the “He can get promoted anytime club”. Really glad the Rattlers don’t see him again.  The only ball that he didn’t run down in the outfield today was one that Yadiel Rivera banged of the middle of that wall in center.
  6. Oh, yeah. About that.  Yadiel Rivera crushed one off the middle of that big wall 405′ from home plate.  He had his sixth multi-hit game of the season.  He chased some pitches out of the zone in the ninth inning and struck out to end the game.  It was his 17th strikeout of the season.  Rivera leads Rattlers hitters in strikeouts and is tied for the team lead in multi-hit games.  Rivera is a work in progress…but just imagine what type of player he will be as that work progresses.
  7. Carlos George singled in the ninth to extend his hitting streak to seven, the longest streak on the team this season.
  8. I’ll take up a part here to explain a play because I know that there are going to be some questions.  In the third, Belza singled to left and was thrown out 6-4 at second to end the inning.  Here’s what happened: the single was a bloop to shallow left and dropped between left fielder Ben McMahan coming in and Rivera going out. The ball bounced on the turf and went over the head of McMahan, so Belza took off for second.  But, the ball hung up there for Rivera to catch it before it hit the ground a second time.  Rivera, turned and threw a strike to George at second to retire Belza for the out. Easy. Right?
  9. The bus just entered the Chicago city limits.  The team will be home before sunrise.  That may be the best sentence I could write today.  See you at the yard.

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