Lineup & Game Notes for April 27, 2012 (Miller Park Game)

Yadiel Rivera (13) is a little excited for this game tonight. Click for a bigger image.

Tonight’s Lineup:
Chadwin Stang – CF
Brandon Macias – 3B
Max Walla – RF
Jason Rogers – DH
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Greg Hopkins – 1B
Carlos George – 2B
Rafael Neda – C
John Dishon – LF

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher:
Drew Gagnon

Dragons Starting Pitcher:
Radhames Quezada

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Dragons Game Notes:

There are many ways to follow tonight’s game:
In Person: Right here at Miller Park. Tickets are just $10!
Audio: AM1280, WNAM or their internet feed
Cable: Broadcast to Time Warner Cable Subscribers on Sports32
Internet: Free Preview of MiLB.TV.

Let’s go, Rattlers!

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