Nine after 9 for April 27, 2012 (Miller Park)

Dayton 0
Rattlers 3
Wisconsin Game Story

Gotta elevate to celebrate. Pretty sure that is Macias and Hopkins in the center of the diamond.

  1. Drew Gagnon.  Dude. Seriously. He went eight innings on 87 pitches with 62 strikes.  The Dragons helped out a bit with an aggressive approach at the plate. But, when he needed to make the pitch, Gagnon did it.  I have been waiting for to post their story with quotes from Gagnon, but they haven’t put it up yet.  Check later. Or @MiLB on Twitter.
  2. I thought that he may come out for the ninth and I started to look for the last 9-inning complete game shutout by a Rattlers pitcher.  Then, Tommy Toledo relieved – with a perfect ninth inning for the save I will add – and I didn’t need to use that note at the time.  So, I’ll use it here.  The last Rattlers pitcher with a 9-inning complete game shutout: Tyler Thornburg on May 29, 2011 at Kane County in a 2-0 win
  3. Before the game today, I taped an interview with pitching coach David Chavarria for Timber Rattlers Field Pass on Sports32.  We focused a bit on Gagnon. David went into a bit of detail on how Gagnon has an idea of how to pitch and what that means.  It comes down to Gagnon knows what he wants to do, makes a plan, and goes about executing that plan.
  4. For example: In the fourth inning, the Dragons had runners on the corners with one out.  Gagnon was protecting a 3-0 lead and needed a grounder to get out of the inning.  He made the pitch he needed to get the grounder to the mound for a 1-6-3 double play.  To stay on that point, I can’t tell you how many times over the years I have seen that same situation, but instead of going for the double play, the pitcher throws home to get that runner instead of trusting himself to turn the twin killing.
  5. List of Timber Rattlers to homer at Miller Park: Brock Kjeldgaard (2009); Greg Hopkins (2011), and Max Walla (2012).
  6. Walla Watch: 2-for-3 HR, BB, 2B. I taped an interview with Walla for Field Pass before the game, too.  We talked about his homer in the Rising Stars game last year and how big a highlight that was for him.  I think the three-run homer in the first inning tonight may have passed that one. He absolutely crushed a pitch in and yanked it way out to right.  No doubt about it.
  7. When I asked Walla for a highlight of his brief time with the Timber Rattlers, he didn’t pick one of his own,  He said that the big highlight since he joined the team was the Greg Hopkins walkoff homer against Dayton on Wednesday. I thought that was kind of neat.
  8. Speaking of Greg Hopkins, two more hits for him tonight. 
  9. A lot of work goes into moving the game to Miller Park, but it is always worth it.  I can honestly say that the players enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to play at the big leagues home of the Brewers.  We hope that everyone who came out tonight, had a great time and that you get a chance to see the team play up in Grand Chute this season.  You may want to pick a day that Gagnon is pitching, too.

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