Nine after 9 for April 29, 2012

Bowling Green 2
Wisconsin 5
Boxscore | Game Story

The final play of Sunday's game, a 6-4-3 double play.

  1. Gorforth with a no-decision, but still an impressive outing.  He made his longest professional start (6IP) did not walk a batter and allowed two runs (one earned).  He made 68 pitches and 50 were strikes.  When I saw velocity, he was 92-93 with a couple of 95’s in there.  It seemed like he threw a lot more offspeed stuff today.  If you look at his GO:AO it was 8:2.  That’s a lot of grounders, but how did he get the other eight outs.  Well, one was a pickoff (on a really great move, by the way).  The other seven…SEVEN…were popups. Goforth jammed a couple of those and had the others on fooled on the offspeed for P4, FF3, FF3, P6, FF2, P6, P5.  Everyone likes to see the incredible…100 mph ball…throwing guy, but everyone loves to see the results that Goforth had today.
  2. How close was Goforth to a scoreless outing?  This close:  Taylor Motter stole third with two outs in the second.  Matt Rice’s grounder back to the mound deflected off Goforth’s glove and trickled behind the mound.  Rice beat the throw to first and Motter scored.  In the sixth, Ryan Brett was at third with one out and knocked the ball out of Rafael Neda’s mitt to score an unearned run.
  3. Chadwin Stang tried to bunt his way on in the sixth to get aboard.  He bunted foul.  Then, he took a ball. Then, he took one over the left field fence to tie the game 2-2.  Stang will bunt for a hit at some point this year.  But, he put a charge into that homer. Check it out in the highlights.
  4. Neda got a little payback to start the bottom of the eighth with a double off the wall.  Neda had two hits today – his second multi hit game of the season.  Neda may be hitting .143, but he has been hitting the ball hard and running into some bad luck – at-’em balls or spectacular plays.  But, the hits will start to fall.
  5. Before continuing on with the rest of the game winning rally: Yadiel Rivera went 0-for-3 today.  He is on another tough stretch as he is 0-for-6 in the series and 1-for-17 on the homestand.  He went through a slide like this back in West Michigan series and took a seat for the first game of the South Bend series.  Let’s see if he gets a day off tomorrow before the scheduled off day on Tuesday to get back on track.
  6. Back to the rally: Ben McMahan tried to bunt twice with pinch runner John Dishon at second base in the eighth.  He singled through the middle and – you won’t see this on the highlights, but I saw it live – Stang was directing Dishon not only that he needed to slide, but also where to slide.  Dishon just beat the tag with the dive to the right part of the plate.  It was nice teamwork that doesn’t show up in the boxscore, but gets noticed.
  7. You may have noticed that the plays at the plate are close.  Not by accident.  Bowling Green’s outfield has plenty of great arms and they have 15 assists already this season…FIFTEEN.
  8. Walla Watch: 1-for-3, RBI, IW, RUN and interference that cost Greg Hopkins a chance to extend his hitting streak to nine games.  Watch the highlight on the Jason Rogers two-run double.  That couldn’t be more interferency…interferency? Yes, I am going with interferency.  Rogers was ruled out on the play for the third out and Hopkins was left in the on deck circle with an 0-for-3.
  9. Chad Pierce joined Goforth with a very nice bounce back outing.  Pierce was around 91-92, hit his spots and struck out four.  Plus, that 6-4-3 double play to end the game could not have been more perfect. Watch it on the highlights.

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