April 2012

Nine after nine for April 20, 2012

Wisconsin 8
West Michigan 2
Boxscore | Game Story

Who is that masked man? No. Really? Who is it?

  1. Cold, windy, and wet. Midwest League baseball, folks
  2. Despite the conditions, the Rattlers defense continues to be outstanding. Adrian Williams, who was playing left for the first time this season, made a couple of plays that saved runs and – due to time constraints – they did not make it into the game story.  The first was a charging shin-high basket catch of a sinking line drive off the bat of Aaron Westlake in the first inning.  The second was made as Williams raced back to the track in and flagged down a twisting liner off the bat of Pat Leyland in the fourth.  Both plays ended innings and should definitely be noted.
  3. Westlake may have gone to the dugout and smashed something after Yadiel Rivera snared his liner with the bases loaded in the seventh inning and the Rattlers lead at two runs.  Westlake, a Tigers infield prospect, is 0-for-9 in this series.  He is 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position in this series and the Rattlers have turned in at least four web gems in those six at bats with RISP.
  4. Rivera is very advanced as a defensive player for a 19-year-old. If he can come close to matching that offensively,…wow.
  5. Staying on the defensive theme…I have only had to use my blue highlighter twice in the last ten games for the Rattlers defense.  To explain that reference head over to this piece by Ben Hill on the MiLB.com site.
  6. I know. Rattlers have scored 26 runs in the last three games and here I am going on about the defense.  Wrap your heads around this little note: Carlos George, Brandon Macias, and Chadwin Stang are all on 4-game hitting streaks.  They are all 7-for-14 in those hitting streaks.
  7. Max Walla is still hitless at 0-for-11 since joining the Rattlers, BUT he has drawn six walks, scored four runs, and tonight he drove in a run with sacrifice fly.
  8. The two-run singles by Greg Hopkins and Rafael Neda in the eighth inning were sharply hit and came in key situations. Good to see them deliver in those spots.
  9. Andy Moye with five innings, one unearned run.  Moye has allowed two runs – one earned – in eleven innings this season.  Tonight was his first win with the Rattlers.

Lineup & Game Notes for April 20, 2012

I said it last night...

Tonight’s Lineup:
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Max Walla – RF
Chadwin Stang – CF
Jason Rogers – 1B
Brandon Macias – DH
Greg Hopkins – 3B
Carlos George – 2B
Rafael Neda – C
Adrian Williams – LF

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Andy Moye

West Michigan Starting Pitcher:
Wilsen Palacios


...and I'll say it again...

Wisconsin Game Notes:

In case you are interested:
Weather by the hour for Grand Rapids, Michigan.

You can listen to tonight’s game on AM1280, WNAM or on their internet feed.  Game time is 5:35pm CDT with the Miller Lite PRegame Show at 5:15pm.

...Hand operated scoreboards are really cool. And they have the added bonus of providing a great view.



Nine after nine – April 19, 2012

Final on April 19, 2012
Wisconsin 8
West Michigan 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Find the speed of a David Goforth pitch on the scoreboard.

I felt it was time to start up with the postgame post.  But, I need to keep it short or I will never find time to reboot….I mean sleep. So, I thought I would be good with nine things to match the number innings in a regulation game.

  1. Hand operated scoreboards are cool.
  2. The Rattlers have outscored their opponents 21-3 in the first inning this season.
  3. Brandon Macias had four RBI in the first two innings
  4. Macias in the last three games: 6-for-10, 4 runs, 5RBI
  5. The Rattlers had seven hits in the first two innings, they had two hits the rest of the game
  6. According the scoreboard, David Goforth hit 98 – on a pitch to the backstop, but still – one time, 97 a  couple of times, 96 a few more times, and 94 to 95 several more times.  His one big mistake was a hanging breaking ball to Curt Casali in the third inning that was hit for a homer.
  7. If you are looking at the game log you will see this play right after the home run:
    Colin Kaline called out on strikes, catcher Tyler Roberts to third baseman Brandon Macias to first baseman Gregory Hopkins.
    If I understood Tyler Roberts on the elevator, he dropped the ball and thought strike three was a ball.  Then, he heard the umpire call strike three – by reflex – he fired the ball down to third. Fortunately, Macias fired the ball to first in time to get Kaline for the K, 2-5-3 putout.
    That really happened.
  8. Defense has been very good for the Rattlers of late.  Yadiel Rivera ranged behind second to rob Casali of an RBI single in the sixth, John Dishon made a diving catch to save a run in the seventh, and Greg Hopkins snared a liner and turned it into a game ending double play in the ninth.  Team fielding percentage is up to .977, they have committed 12 errors and turned 13 double plays in 14 games.
  9. Max Walla is 0-for-8 in his three games with the Rattlers. But, he has drawn five walks and scored three runs.

It’s been a long day that started with a 5am arrival at Time Warner Cable Field, a stop at the beautiful Hinsdale Oasis, and a cool, rainy evening in Grand Rapids that wrapped up with an arrival at the hotel at 11pm local time.

Sleep well. Work hard in the morning.

Lineup & Game Notes for April 19, 2012

Fifth Third Ballpark before Thursday's game with the Whitecaps.

Tonight’s Lineup:
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Max Walla – RF
Chadwin Stang – CF
Jason Rogers – DH
Brandon Macias – 3B
Greg Hopkins – 1B
Carlos George – 2B
John Dishon – LF
Tyler Roberts – C

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
David Goforth

West Michgian Starting Pitcher:
Tim Kelley

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Pitching switch:
Slide Kevin Shackelford into Matt Miller’s spot in the rotation on Saturday.  Miller is being skipped this time around and should be back in for his next turn.

Tonight’s game is available on AM1280, WNAM on on their internet feed starting with the Miller Lite Pregame at 5:15pm.

April 18, 2012 Highlights

Burlington 6
Wisconsin 10
Boxscore | Game Story

Bus leaves for Grand Rapids very, very early on Thursday for a six game road trip.

Pitching matchups for the two series are:
THU, 4/19: @West Michigan RHP David Goforth (1-0, 3.00) v. RHP Brennan Smith (1-0, 0.00)
FRI, 4/20: @West Michigan RHP Andy Moye (0-0, 0.00) v. RHP Wilsen Palacios (0-0, 3.38)
SAT, 4/21: @West Michigan RHP Matt Miller (0-2, 6.30) v. RHP Josue Carreno (0-2, 5.54)
SUN, 4/22: @South Bend RHP Drew Gagnon (0-0, 2.00) v. RHP Jeff Shields (0-2, 1.42)
MON, 4/23: @South Bend RHP Mark Williams (0-1, 2.77) v. LHP John Pedrotty (0-0, 4.44)
TUE, 4/24: @South Bend RHP David Goforth (1-0, 3.00) v. RHP Jesse Darrah (1-1, 4.50)


Lineup & Game Notes for April 18, 2012

Early work

Rattlers Batting Order:
Yadiel Rivera SS
Max Walla RF
Jason Rogers LF
Parker Berberet DH
Chadwin Stang CF
Brandon Macias 3B
Carlos George 2B
Greg Hopkins 1B
Rafael Neda C

Wisconsin’s Starting Pitcher:
Mark Williams

Burlington’s Starting Pitcher:
Jose Macias

Wisconsin’s Game Notes:

Burlington’s Game Notes:

Tonight’s game is available on AM1280, WNAM, on their internet feed, through MiLB.TV, and – for Time Warner Cable Subscribers – on Sports32.

Highlights for April 17, 2012

Drew Gagnon laughs at 38 degree wind chill.

Game one:
Burlington 5
Wisconsin 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Game two:
Burlington 0
Wisconsin 2
Boxscore | Game Story

Highlights (from both games):

Lineup & Game Notes for April 17, 2012 (Doubleheader)

Let's Play TWO, today!

Game One Lineup:
Chadwin Stang – CF
Brandon Macias – 3B
Jason Rogers – LF
Parker Berberet – DH
Greg Hopkins – 1B
Rafael Neda – C
Carlos George – 2B
Yadiel Rivera – SS
John Dishon  -RF

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitchers
Game One: Matt Miller
Game Two: Drew Gagnon

Bees Starting Pitchers:
Game One: Drew Granier
Game Two: Jonathan Joseph

Timber Rattlers Roster Moves:
Ben McMahan to the DL retroactive to 4/15/12
Max Walla transferred to Rattlers from Extended Spring Training. Active today

New Rattlers Roster:

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Bees Game Notes:

Tonight’s game is available on AM1280, WNAM, their internet feed, and on MiLB.TV.

Highlights for April 15, 2012

Sunday’s Final:

Peoria 5, Rattlers 3 in 11 innings
Game Story | Boxscore

Tommy Toledo profile on the Post-Crescent Website. Well worth the click plus…The Tebow question:

Q: You were at Florida the same time as Tim Tebow. Was there such a thing as Tebow mania in Gainesville?

A: “Everybody was a Tebow fan. I’m a diehard Tebow fan. I was there watching the Gators and he was just awesome to follow. He was an unbelievable player to watch and we definitely looked up to him, too.”

Q: Did you ever meet him?

A: “Yeah, I met him a couple of times. He actually came to the baseball field a few times because his roommate, Riley Cooper, was on the baseball team. So we actually got to hang out with him and meet him a few times.”

Lineup & Game Notes for April 15, 2012

Carl, the rain hating camel.

Greetings, Rattlers fans! I’m Carl, the rain hating camel.  I just wanted to let you all know that there is a bit of a drizzle falling over Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium, but it should be moving through and you will hear the call of PLAY BALL! very soon.

The grounds crew put the tarp on the field last night.  They dumped the water off the tarp at 10am and all of that water has been soaked up by the intricate drainage system under the field.

Long story short: Today’s game is still scheduled to start at 1:05pm and it’s going to be a great day for baseball.

Now, to the various data that you need to prepare for the game.

Sunday’s Lineup:
Carlos George 2B
Brandon Macias 3B
Chadwin Stang RF
Jason Rogers DH
Greg Hopkins 1B
Yadiel Rivera SS
John Dishon LF
Tyler Roberts C
Adrian Williams CF

Wisconsin’s Starting Pitcher:
Andy Moye

Peoria’s Starting Pitcher:
Willengton Cruz

Wisconsin’s Game Notes:

Peoria’s Game Notes:

To follow today’s game listen on AM1280, WNAM, on their internet feed, or watch on MiLB.TV.

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