Nine after 9 for May 2, 2012

Wisconsin 12
Clinton 5
Boxscore | Game story

Game (almost) over

  1. There was a scoring change after the game.  In the fifth, Dishon gets credit for a single and an RBI before his COLLISION with Jharmidy DeJesus at first base.  So, the Rattlers had a dozen runs on a dozen hits in this game, which happened to be their third win in a row and moved them to match their high water mark of the season (four games over .500) AND kept them in a tie with Beloit for first place in the Western Division.
  2. That scoring change also means that – for the first time this season – every Rattler in the lineup had at least one hit. (EDIT: ERRONEOUS!! . That’s what I get for trying to do this post at the Village Inn waiting for a plate of smothered chicken.  One Rattler went hitless in the game. So, the elusive Everyone Hits title needs to go back into the writing bag. Apologies.)
  3. From the I KNEW I shouldn’t have said anything files.  The Rattlers streak of consecutive quality starts came to an end tonight.  BUT, Matt Miller struck out seven and walked one over seven innings.  Despite the five runs, I thought he pitched pretty well for his second straight outing.
  4. Weird play in the fourth inning after Morla reached on the strikeout.  Morla took off for second, Miller dropped to a knee on the mound to let the throw from Tyler Roberts go over him.  Roberts throw hit Miller on his right forearm…while Miller had his right hand on the ground to balance himself.  It was weird and it’s not the first time that it has happened.  I seem to remember a play at home where Roberts zinged one off Miller in 2011. Be careful out there
  5. Ben McMahan is striking the ball well.  Two doubles and a triple tonight for the former Florida Gator and they were not little bloopers that dropped in for hits.  All three were line drives to gaps.
  6. The best thing about that scoreboard up to is not just the number of runs.  The best thing is the number of innings in which runs were score on Wednesday.  There have been many times this season when the Rattlers score a couple of runs in the first two innings and get nothing for the rest of the game.  That was a (slight) concern early in the season.  No problems with it tonight.  The team scored in every inning from the third through the eighth and it wasn’t the picket fence of one run per inning.  Four straight innings with multiple runs.  That is a good sign.
  7. Better sign, they did it with a mixture of patience, breaks, and timely hitting.  Clinton took the lead in the bottom of the fourth.  The Rattlers came back in the top of the fifth and – with one out – Roberts and Dishon drew two straight four pitch walks.  One out later, Macias was hit on a 1-2 pitch. Max Walla’s infield single off the plate scored the tying run and Jason Rogers drew another walk to put the Rattlers up 4-3.  No looking back after that.
  8. In all, Wisconsin scored seven of their twelve runs after there were two outs in an inning.
  9. It was a weird weather night in Clinton.  When the team arrived at the ballpark, they were told that the weather was fine now, but around 6 or 6:30 there were some storms that were going to hit.  No one was sure if the starting pitchers should start to warm up when they normally would for a 6:30 game.  The decision was made to go ahead and try to get as much of the game in before the rain hit.  There may have been rain all around the area, but it never rained a drop in Clinton tonight.  The forecast calls for severe thunderstorms tomorrow, but we will see.

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