Nine after 9 for May 10, 2012

River Bandits 5
Timber Rattlers 3
Boxscore | Game Story

In the ninth…with a chance.

  1. The Rattlers continue to make it interesting.  Down by three in the ninth, they get two on with none out.  I really had the feeling that they would at least tie it up.  I’ll take interesting over predictable every day of the season.
  2. Brandon Macias reached base three more times tonight.  A walk, a hit, and a hit batsman.  His .OBP is at .368, which is second on the team, this season.  Plus, some outstanding defense from him again tonight.
  3. The play that tied the game in the bottom of the third inning is in the highlights.  But, not everything. You may notice that Macias was just going for third as the ball was being picked up by Sam Gaviglio, the pitcher.  Even if that throw doesn’t end up in left field and is thrown perfectly to third, Macias would had taken third.  Williams, the shortstop, collided with Macias as tried to round the bag.  The base umpire was right on it and was ready to make an interference call.  It was moot because that throw sailed so much it would have made Jack Aubrey and the crew of the HMS Surprise proud.
  4. Unfortunately for the Rattlers, that was about the only bad throw byGaviglio.  He went eight innings, mixed speeds, and struck out six.  The only real jam he was in came in the sixth.  The Rattlers had runners at first and third with no outs and down 4-2.  Jason Rogers was in a count – 2-1 – that he has done a lot of damage this season.  But, Gaviglio jammed him and got a grounder to third that was turned into a double play.  Then, he ended the inning with a fly out.
  5. This is the most non-Cardinal like River Bandits team I have seen since the STL-QC partnership started in 2005.  They chase a lot of pitches.  They have committed 52 errors in 34 games.  They have missed cutoff men and just not playing to the “brand’.  It’s weird to see.  But, still…They found a way to win a game in which they stranded runners and were 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position.
  6. David Goforth’s velocity was up a tick or two from Saturday.  But, – at least tonight – when his velocity was up, his control was down.  He hit Luis Mateo on the left elbow with a 96 mph fastball.  Strikeouts were up, but he walked four tonight.  Goforth showed a very nice curve at times, but he was touched for five hits.  There were some good things to pick out of this start.  But, there are plenty of things that he will be working on for his next start
  7. Chad Pierce was in and out of trouble in his four innings on Thursday.  The sequence that impressed me the most was the spot in the seventh inning.  There were runners at first and second with one out and the Rattlers were down two.  He cranked it up a little bit and struck out Mateo and Roberto Reyes on seven pitches to finish off the inning.
  8. Here’s something new, mentioning a player that didn’t play in the game, but I felt it necessary to mention Tommy Toledo because he hasn’t pitched since May 2.  Not his fault. Pitching breakdown since May 2: Gagnon 7, Shackelford 2; Thompson 5, Williams 4; Goforth 5, Pierce 4, Harvey 1; Rainout; Moye 5, Barnes 2; Miller 6, Harvey 1; Shackelford 4, Strong 3, Peterson 2; Thompson 5, Williams 3.1; Harvey .2; Goforth 5, Pierce 4.  I’ll make an educated guess here for Friday: Barnes is starting and Moye will be coming on in relief.  Both pitched on Monday. Toledo will be on at some point in the game on Friday.
  9. There was no time wasted in getting Nick Ramirez into the lineup.  I walked down to the clubhouse at 10am this morning and the lineup was already available with Ramirez plugged into the cleanup spot as the DH.  He got to the ballpark around 4pm today and already doing media requests by 5:15.  He was a little anxious in his first three at bats – he only saw four pitches and swung at three of them.  In his final at bat, with runners at first and second with no outs and Ramirez as the tying run…my gosh, it sounded so good off the bat.  But, somehow, the ball didn’t carry.  Look at the flags in the picture.  How that ball didn’t carry to at least the wall….I don’t know…I just don’t know.


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