Lineup and Game Notes for May 19, 2012

Early work on a Saturday.

 Tonight’s Lineup:
Carlos Gomez – CF
Max Walla – RF
Jason Rogers – LF
Parker Berberet – DH
Greg Hopkins – 3B
Chadwin Stang – LF
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Rafael Neda – C
Carlos George – 2B

Wisconsin’s Starting Pitcher:
Chad Thompson

Kane County’s Starting Pitcher:
Kellen Moen

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Timber Rattlers Roster Move:
LHP Will West has been transferred from the Helena roster to Wisconsin.  West is the scheduled starting pitcher on Monday afternoon against the Cougars.

Updated Timber Rattlers Roster:

Follow t0night’s game…
With the Radio:
AM1280, WNAM
With Internet Audio:
WNAM internet feed (free)
With Internet Video:
MiLB.TV (subscribers only)

1 Comment

Hate to beat the dead horse but… I really don’t understand what the organization is doing with their catchers. Neda and Roberts should be getting regular starting minutes. Both are under a hundred at bats with Neda close to 80 and Roberts just breaking 60. All of the scouting reports I’ve seen show Roberts to be the only true major league prospect in the whole system with his arm and power at the plate. How is it that they don’t struggle when their plate appearances are so sporadic and inconsistent? I like Berberet so nothing against him. He shows at the plate time and time again but is he really a prospect for the majors? I don’t know… can’t find anything on him.

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