Nine after 9 for May 20, 2012

Kane County 6
Wisconsin 7
Boxscore | Game Story

Game winning run is about to score…

  1. Was there ever a doubt? Not according to Stephen Peterson:

  2. Oh, you want actual game insight?  How about this.  It was damn windy out there today:

    That would be out to left. Way out to left.

  3. David Goforth was in and out of trouble today and did a nice job keeping the Cougars to just two runs.  He walked four, struck out three, and was charged with a balk.  Goforth was in trouble just as much in the 2-2/3 innings he pitched at Kane County last Tuesday and he gave up eight runs.  Today was a different story.  But, 82 pitches is too many for five innings.
  4. If there is any doubt about the wind blown-ed-ness (If the Rattlers are in first place this late in a half, then, by God, I’m making up words) of the home run by Tyler Roberts in the seventh inning, watch his reaction after hitting it and watch Yadiel Rivera at second base.  Roberts was just trying to get the job done with a fly ball to get the go ahead run home.  He got the job done and then some.  Good things happen when you put the ball in play.
  5. Defensively, you’ll see the Ramirez play on the bunt.  Roberts also had a diving play to the warning track in front of the Cougars dugout.  The wind blew it back into play and Roberts stuck with it to make the catch.
  6. Chad Pierce limited the damage in the eighth.  Kane County loaded the bases with no outs after a single, a wind-blown popup that dropped in for a hit, and a sacrifice bunt that turned into a single when no one covered first base.  The runs scored on a sac fly and a grounder.
  7. Normally, an opposing player is not mentioned in this post.  But, that home run by Lane Adams with two outs in the top of the ninth inning….Do you see the Post-Crescent sign out there to the left of the batters eye?  Adams hit it over that sign.  Wind or no wind, Tip of the Cap to you, sir.
  8. Jason Rogers was hit by a pitch in the eighth inning and Chadwin Stang ran for him.  Rogers is in the celebration after the game winning hit, so he was not out for an injury.  Remember that the Rattlers starting outfield today was Rogers-Walla-McMahan.  When Rogers reached, Chadwin Stang pinch-ran for him and that led to a Rattlers outfield in the ninth of McMahan-Stang-Walla.  Stang just came on as a pinch-runner for a little better speed and a little better defense.
  9. Okay, winning rally.  The Rattlers had Brandon Macias on first with two outs. Walla and Stang drew walks on full counts to extend the game to Ramirez.  Walla’s walk totals have gone up from last season to this season.  Going into the plate appearance in the ninth, Stang had struck out 48 times and walked just 15 times. Both refused to chase pitches outside the strike zone.  Click the picture up top to get a good look at at Macias and Greg Hopkins telling Walla where to slide.  The ball is that little white dot about halfway down the first baseline.  Walla slid where they told him to slide and the Rattlers won.  Pretty good day.  Highlights are below.

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