Lineup and Game Notes for May 25, 2012

Centennial Bridge as seen from the Sky Deck on the third base side of Modern Woodmen Park.

Friday’s Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Max Walla – RF
Jason Rogers – 1B
Nick Ramirez – DH
Greg Hopkins – 2B
Ben McMahan – LF
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Rafael Neda – C
Chadwin Stang – CF

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Chad Thompson

Quad Cities Starting Pitcher:
Dail Villanueva

Timber Rattlers Roster Moves:
C Parker Berberet transferred to Brevard County (Florida State League) from Wisconsin
C Cameron Garfield transferred to Wisconsin from Helena (Pioneer League)

Updated Timber Rattlers Roster:

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

If you listen to the Timber Rattlers on the internet feed see below information for IMPORTANT NEWS!!

There have been issues with the internet feed the last few nights and the station engineer gave me the story and a few tips on how to listen to the games.

The story: The station has moved to a new provider for the internet feed.  The new provider is supposed to be able to automatically  take out the commercials and go back into programming.  There have been a few problems with that on their end, but here are the fixes he suggested.

#1: There is a new link or try the Main WNAM page and click on the big  LISTEN LIVE button at the top.
#2: Download the Silverlight and Adobe Flash programs and start running them on your computer.
#3*: Be Patient. If you go to the link and there is dead air, hang with it the programming should come back on.
#4**: Test it out before the game.

*-This is the most important one.  My blood pressure started to go up after I was at the new link and heard nothing for 45 WHOLE SECONDS!  The NERVE!

**-This one is mine…but it makes sense.

If you are in the listening area, feel free to tune in on AM1280, WNAM.

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