Lineup and Game Notes for May 26, 2012

Peoria Chiefs Stadium on a Saturday.

Saturday’s Lineup: (Changes in BLUE)
Chadwin Stang – CF
Brandon Macias – 3B
Jason Rogers – DH
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Greg Hopkins – 3B
Max Walla – RF
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Rafael Neda – C
John Dishon – LF

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
David Goforth

Peoria Starting Pitcher:
Gerardo Concepcion

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Roster moves:
Ben McMahan to DL
Adrian Williams activated from DL

Updated Roster:

To follow tonight’s game…here is the repost from the bottom of last night’s Lineup post:

There have been issues with the internet feed the last few nights and the station engineer gave me the story and a few tips on how to listen to the games.

The story: The station has moved to a new provider for the internet feed.  The new provider is supposed to be able to automatically  take out the commercials and go back into programming.  There have been a few problems with that on their end, but here are the fixes he suggested.

#1: There is a new link or try the Main WNAM page and click on the big  LISTEN LIVE button at the top.
#2: Download the Silverlight and Adobe Flash programs and start running them on your computer.
#3*: Be Patient. If you go to the link and there is dead air, hang with it the programming should come back on.
#4**: Test it out before the game.

*-This is the most important one.  My blood pressure started to go up after I was at the new link and heard nothing for 45 WHOLE SECONDS!  The NERVE!

**-This one is mine…but it makes sense.

If you are in the listening area, feel free to tune in on AM1280, WNAM.

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