Nine after 9 for May 25, 2012

Timber Rattlers 4
River Bandits 5
Boxscore | Game Story

Before the fall.

  1. The other night, Dusty Rhodes was wondering how much longer the Rattlers could pull a win out of their…hat when they don’t play well.  The answer was given tonight.
  2. Wisconsin outhit the River Bandits.  Quad Cities didn’t have a hit after the fourth inning, but they kept hanging around, hanging around and snuck it out in the end.
  3. Look, it was a sloppy game all around for both teams. Here’s all you need to know, the last Rattlers run and the last three Quad Cities runs scored without an RBI.  A wild pitch and four errors led directly to the last four runs of the game.  This probably should have been a 3-2 game.
  4. Here’s the thing though.  Talking with David Chavarria before tonight’s game he talked about the way the coaches handle the team this year.  They don’t “air” guys out.  They know that players know when things went bad.  Paraphrasing Chavarria, “Sometimes the best coaching move is to say nothing at all.”
  5. Not to say that they won’t talk things out, but they will teach and go to work. Not scream.
  6. If anything the errors made were from being too aggressive and trying to make plays.  There were throws to trying to get runners that probably should not have been made. Trying to make plays is good.  Knowing when to make them is better.
  7. Tonight was the second start in a row for Chad Thompson in which he struck out seven in four innings.  Tonight was also the second start in a row in which he threw a lot of pitches and had to come out after four innings.
  8. But, there was good news.  Beloit lost in extra innings to Cedar Rapids.  The Rattlers are still two games up on them in the Western Division.  Kane County won to sweep Burlington.  The Cougars are four games back of the Rattlers and two games back of Beloit.
  9. Four games in Peoria starting Saturday night.  Here are the probable pitchers:SAT: RHP David Goforth (3-3, 5.74) v. LHP Gerardo Concepcion (1-3, 7.89)
    SUN: LHP Will West (1-0, 3.60) v. RHP Michael Jensen (4-2, 2.92)
    MON: RHP Matt Miller (3-4, 4.24) v. RHP Jose Rosario (3-5, 5.65)
    TUE: RHP Drew Gagnon (3-1, 3.08) v. LHP Kyler Burke (1-2, 2.31)

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