Nine after 9 for May 26, 2012

Wisconsin 11
Peoria 3
Boxscore | Game Story

The Rattlers offense was as hot as the weather!

  1. By Odin’s Raven!  Hopkins and Rogers and Goforth and Pierce and oh, everyone.  We’ll get to it all in a minute.  But, let’s begin at the beginning or actually before the beginning. Let’s go back to an ending.
  2. The Rattlers Friday ended at 3am this morning and the first bus to the ballpark on Saturday was 1:30pm.  That is a quicker turnaround than you would imagine.  Especially for how hot it was in the Peoria area today.  The temperature gauge on the scoreboard may be a bit off due to the sun shining on it all day long, but just walking out of the clubhouse and up the tunnel to the dugout and on the field was like trying to swim uphill…if I can mix my metaphors…
  3. The Chaos Meter pegged pretty early tonight.  Ben McMahan was in the lineup and taking batting practice with his group.  That was when I headed down to the field.  Between my leaving the press box and getting to the field, McMahan had left the field and got into the clubhouse.  I heard, “Mac, what’s wrong?” as I walked by the clubhouse.  Then, I got to the field and Matt Erickson asked me to head back in to find out if MacMahan could play or if he needed to go on the DL or to see if they could get the ball rolling on a transaction.  This is all roughly at 5:10pm for a 6:30pm game. Dusty Rhodes told Matt that he would take care of the details.  Then, we waited to see what would happen.  The roster move came through (McMahan to the DL & Adrian Williams off the DL) at 5:35. Then, lineup change didn’t get finalized until 5:40.  Chaos Meter was pegged right there.  And that’s all I know about that.
  4. I have said that this team seems to thrive on Chaos.  It looks like 11 runs and 16 hits are thriving.  Eight of the nine players had hits.  (It really should have been nine, but Rafael Neda was robbed twice tonight).  Max Walla, who replaced McMahan in the lineup, walked and singled against the left-handed pitcher that he was originally held out of the game to not face.
  5. Chadwin Stang probably should have had four hits tonight.  He had two sharp singles and a bunt single – his third bunt hit of the year, but Peoria second baseman Zeke DeVoss make a great pick on a grounder headed to center in the fourth and fired to first to barely get Stang at first.  By the way, that’s a 6-game hit streak for Stang now.
  6. David Goforth worked six innings, struck out four, and – most importantly – didn’t walk anyone.  In fact, he did not go to a 3-ball count on a single batter on Saturday.  That helped him keep his pitch count low and he was at 75 (with 50 strikes) by my unofficial tally.  Goforth did hit DeVoss on an 0-2 pitch in the first inning, but he looked good tonight.  Sorry, no velocity readings on the stadium gun tonight, but I can probably guess that he kept it between 92 and 94 and maybe ramped it up a couple of times.
  7. Chad Pierce earns his first professional save in an 11-3 game by pitching three scoreless innings.  One walk, one hit, and three strike outs.  In his previous three outings, Pierce had allowed seven runs on 15 hits over 12 innings.  Good to come in and wrap things up for the save.
  8. I have seen some long home runs in Peoria. Jason Rogers joined that list tonight and he did it by doing something that he hasn’t done a lot of this season.  He jumped on a first pitch.  Brandon Macias had just walked with one out in the sixth against Felix Pena.  Pena grooved one and Rogers destroyed it.  He also smacked two singles and a double for a 4-hit night.  Heck, he even hit the ball hard when he grounded into the 6-4-3 double play in the first inning.    Keep doing what you’re doing.
  9. Greg Hopkins doubled, homered, and homered in his first three at bats and drove in six runs.  I said that I thought Hopkins was starting to heat up after his 4-for-5 night in Quad Cities on Thursday, but tonight was ridiculous.  Fun, but ridiculous.

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