Nine after 9 for May 27, 2012 (UPDATED)

Wisconsin 3
Peoria 2
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This post should be a whole lot cooler, but I can’t get the photos that I want to use off my camera. So, bear with me.  I’ll explain the map in a bit.  (Never mind. Got them and added them in the appropriate places.)

  1. A former broadcasting colleague of mine used to joke that one day – just to see if anyone was listening – on a dramatic, tape measure home run he would like to use profanity.  For example: Dukes down 2 in the ninth with two outs. Jason Shanahan at  the plate with two on and a 3-2 pitch on the way from from Jason Schlutt…..<crack of the bat> HOLY ^#@$&!*! There’s a fly ball &^#$*!!@ deep to left-center!!  THAT *&$^&*#^^@&##$@@#$$ is #^&*$(@@!!! is GONE!!!!  The home run that Yadiel Rivera hit today was that kind of home run today.  More on that in a bit.
  2. Pitching first. How about the job that Will West did in the third inning today?  A double by Zeke DeVoss and a triple by Taiwan Easterling gave the Chiefs a 1-0 lead and a runner at third with no outs.  West gets a strikeout, a strikeout, and a grounder to third to strand Easterling at third.  West showed a very nice curve and what looked like a changeup.  He pitched his way out of the jam in the third with both of those pitches.
  3. Jacob Barnes is on a roll.  In his first seven appearances, Barnes walked 11 and struck out 10 in 19-2/3 innings.  After he went ten days between appearances – with a stint on the DL, Barnes came back and has allowed no runs on two hits over 6-2/3 innings with no walks and six strikeouts.  Control is much better.
  4. Speaking of long layoffs….Cameron Garfield last swung a bat in a game that counted in the standings on July 22, 2011.  He went 2-for-4 with a double, an RBI single, and a stolen base today.  This is where the picture of his line drive double to left-center field from the sixth inning should go. (ADDED)

    Cameron Garfield doubles to left-center on May 27 at Peoria. (Added on 5/28)

  5. Chadwin Stang doubled in the third.  Max Walla singled in the ninth.  Both extended their hitting streaks to seven games.
  6. Walla’s single in the ninth was a line drive down the left field line.  He just reached out and served it sharply to the opposite field.  This is where the picture of Chiefs closer Yao-Lin Wang and his bright red glove should go. (ADDED)

    I’m told that he also has a bright blue glove. (Added 5/28)

  7. When the talk turns to the hitting ability of Yadiel Rivera, talk turns to pitch selection.  There are times where he can’t wait to swing at that first pitch no matter where it is to him.  Today, he let the first pitch from Wang go by way high out of the strike zone.  The next pitch…Geez, Rivera couldn’t have asked for the pitch in a better location…
  8. To get an idea of where he hit that pitch go to the map at the top of the post.  Manipulate it so that you can see the street and the Caterpillar HQ (the white building across the street) and home plate.  Keep in mind that the field is roughly 12 to fifteen feet below street level and the protective net (being held by all of those poles on the other side of the walkway behind the berm) are probably 20 to 25 feet high.  Rivera cleared all of the obstacles that are supposed to hold a home run inside the stadium.  The ball took one bounce in the middle lane of traffic and hopped up between the two trees and bounced off the Caterpillar building. (This is where the picture from the radio booth would go to allow you to see how far that is.  This is also where the picture of the gentleman looking for the baseball near the Caterpillar building would go. – ADDED)

    The word CATERPILLAR is between and above the two trees where the ball that Rivera hit eventually landed. (Added 5/28)

    The guy, who is partially hidden by the gray pole on the left, is looking for Rivera’s home run ball.

    It was an impressive home run that silences the crowd. Now, the Rattlers just need to keep making noise.

  9. The street view may give you a better idea.  Click on the map below and turn until you can see into the stadium. There you go.

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