Nine after 9 for May 29, 2012

Peoria 4
Wisconsin 3
FINAL – 14 innings
Boxscore | Game Story

John Dishon took a bit of Peoria with him last night.

  1. I talked a bit with Matt Erickson about the final play of the game.  I was going to talk to Cameron Garfield about it, but Gar looked pretty down on the bus and I didn’t want to bug him about it.  John Dishon’s throw to the plate was in time, but Erickson said that Gar told him in the dugout that he went too quick to get the tag down on Chen and didn’t secure the ball.  If he did, who knows, we might still be in Peoria.
  2. The manager – unasked – also brought up the play in which Dishon got caught off third base on that infield single in the top of the eleventh.  Dishon was at second and Brandon Macias smacked a single off the glove of pitcher Sheldon McDonald.  Matt said he was hoping that McDonald would panic and try to throw to first because he wasn’t going to get Macias and first and Dishon had such a big head of steam coming around third that he would have scored on that throw to first.  However, McDonald handled the play exactly right.  He got to the ball, realized he had no chance to get Macias and looked to third.
  3. The game could also have ended one inning earlier.  The Chiefs loaded the bases with one out against Tommy Toledo.  Toledo got the second out on a force play at the plate.  Then, on a 3-2 pitch, he got Javier Baez – the #1 pick of the Chicago Cubs in the 2011 draft and a Florida high school phenom- to chase a high fastball for strike three.  That is taking advantage of a young, aggressive hitter who wanted to celebrate with a walkoff grand slam.

    Got. Him. Swinging.

  4. Speaking of young, aggressive hitter….You’re probably wondering how a position player who hasn’t played in a game all season long comes into a game, retires all six batters he faces, and picks up a win.  Kenny Socorro did exactly that because the Rattlers just started going after pitches.  That’s the mindset sometimes when a position player comes into a game, it normally doesn’t work and that position player doesn’t need to be throwing a TJ Mittelstaedt knuckleball either.  In the thirteenth, two players went after Socorro’s first pitch while the other struck out on a 1-2 pitch.  In the fourteenth, outs were made on a 2-0 pitch, a 1-1 pitch, and a 2-1 pitch. In all, Socorro threw 14 pitches and retired the side in order in both innings.
  5. To put that in perspective, the actual pitchers for the Chiefs managed to retire the Rattlers in order one time.
  6. The thing that stung about that winning rally for the Chiefs int he 14th inning was the Tyler Cravy had two out with no one aboard.  It looked like he had struck Chen out on a check swing, but it was ruled that he held.  Then, Cravy had Zeke DeVoss 1-2, but walked him.  Eight walks by Timber Rattlers pitching on Tuesday night.  Starting pitcher Drew Gagnon walked two and both scored against him.  In the fourteenth, Chen would be the third Chief to reach on a walk to come in to score
  7. I made this point on twitter last night and it will be in the game notes later today, but this should be highlighted out here, too.  The Rattlers bullpen worked 16-2/3 innings in the four games at Peoria.  They allowed one run – the game winner in the bottom of the 14th.
  8. The long outings shouldn’t hurt the bullpen over the next few days in Cedar Rapids.  Wisconsin is scheduled to have tandems going all three games.  Wednesday is Chad Thompson and Mark Williams.  Thursday is David Goforth and Chad Pierce.  Friday is Will West and Jacob Barnes.
  9. The Rattlers are 5-2 on the first seven games of this road trip.  The two losses are last night’s 14th inning loss by one run and the 5-4 loss at Quad Cities when the River Bandits broke a 4-4 tie with a run on an error in the bottom of the ninth.  This hasn’t been a bad trip.  Also, both losses came in the final game of a series in which the Rattlers were going for a sweep. Sweeps would be nice, but winning series does the job almost as well.

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