Combined Nine after Friday and before Saturday

Rattlers 9
Kernels 14
Boxscore | Game Story

Stupid bird.

  1. I’ll tell you this much. I am officially sick of the Iowa Fight Song.
  2. The Kernels have their highlights on YouTube, but the first 102 seconds or so are first pitches and various other things.  To start with a true minor league highlight, this link goes right to 1:44I don’t think that the cheerleader was a real big Mr. Shucks fan at the time. (Freeze frame at 1:49 for a death stare of which I would approve).  The offensive onslaught occurs right after that.
  3. Baseball? Ok, I guess. Way too many mistakes by the Rattlers.  Only one error on the board, but there were more than enough miscues to deny the Rattlers what could have been a pretty cool comeback.
  4. This should tell you a little bit about the 2012 Timber Rattlers.  They were down 9-2 after the bottom of the second inning on the final day of a series with a bus ride out of town waiting for them.  I have seen teams say, “To HECK with this!” and swing at first pitches and take bad approaches just to get the game over with as quickly as possible.  That didn’t happen last night.  I can honestly say that I believed the Rattlers would come back until the Kernels scored two runs in the bottom of the eighth to go up by five runs.  The Rattlers don’t quit.
  5. Offensively, things were fine for the Rattlers.  Brandon Macias had three hits, Yadiel Rivera, who had been 0-for-15 after his ninth inning homer in Peoria on Sunday, doubled and drove in three runs, Cameron Garfield had two hits, a pair of walks, a pair of runs scored, and an RBI.  Nick Ramirez had three hits.  Oh, and Greg Hopkins had two hits…again, nine-game hitting streak, 20-for-38.
  6. For a team that won 14-9 and had 14 hits, there were several Kernels batters who went back to the dugout with a air of frustration.  Thank the shift for that:

    Everybody shift.

    The above picture is from the fifth inning.  I wish that I could have snapped a picture of Gary Mitchell in the fourth inning or the sixth.  In the fifth he was at the plate with a runner at first and the Rattlers employed a shift where Macias, the third baseman, was playing halfway between third and second.  Mitchell grounded into a 5-6-3 double play.  In the sixth, Mitchell sent a grounder just to the right of second base.  Rivera, the shortstop, had to go to his right to make the play and retire Mitchell…I thought it was funny…Mitchell probably thought his RBI single in the eighth inning that went back through the middle was justice.

  7. Beloit won on Friday to cut the Rattlers division lead to one game.  Kane County split a doubleheader with Clinton.  The Cougars trail Wisconsin by five games. There are 15 games left in the half.
  8. Wisconsin plays Beloit in six of the next nine games.  Believe it or not, I actually did a little research.  Here is a preview of a couple of sections for Saturday’s game notes:BELOIT PROSPECTING: Baseball America’s 2012 Prospect Handbook listed four players on the current Snappers roster as Top 30 Prospects in the Twins organization. Infielder Miguel Sano is ranked at the #1 prospect in the Minnesota system. Infielder Eddie Rosario (#3) is also rated in Minnesota’s top ten. Pitcher Corey Williams (#13) and Matt Summers (#21) are also in the Top 30.2011 DRAFT CLASS:

    Beloit has twelve players who were selected by the Twins in the 2011 draft. They are: Pitchers Corey Williams (3rd), Matt Summers (4th), Steven Gruver (7th), Jason Wheeler (8th), Tyler Jones (11th), Tim Shibuya (23rd), and David Hurlbut (28th); Infielders Tyler Grimes (5th), Adam Bryant (9th), and AJ Pettersen (25th); Catcher Matt Koch (12th); and outfielder Drew Leachman (37th).From all reports, Miguel Sano is a beast.  The rest of their team is pretty good, too.

  9. The pitching matchups for the series:
    RHP Matt Miller (3-4, 3.79) v. RHP Matt Summers (4-3, 3.99) @ 7:00pm

    SUN: RHP Drew Gagnon (3-1, 3.18) v. RHP Tyler Jones (0-0, 1.29) @ 2:00pm
    MON: RHP Chad Thompson (2-1, 5.06) v. RHP Tim Shibuya (2-3, 5.17) @ 7:00pm

    Let’s do this.

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