Nine after 9 for June 15, 2012

Timber Rattlers 2
River Bandits 3
Box | Game Story

This may have been similar to the Quad Cities home run on Friday night. Photo from the SI Vault.

  1. I have done some Dave Barry research and discovered that – including last night – Quad Cities has roughly 4 billion walkoff wins against the Timber Rattlers.
  2. The home run by Anthony Garcia was, how shall I put this, would “disputed” sound right? Ben McMahan pointed out that a fan reached over the fence, caught the ball in his glove, and dropped it as he brought it it to his side of the fence.  The umpires did not see it that way.  I couldn’t tell from my spot that is roughly 5,000 feet from the left field fence through two panes of glass.
  3. It was interesting that the production people in Quad Cities did not show a replay of the home run.  It was especially interesting that there was no replay of the home run because they did manage to show a replay of a routine single through the infield on the very next play.
  4. But, there was a chance to never have the game come down to that home run or that walkoff in the ninth.  The Rattlers had already scored two runs in the second inning and had the bases loaded with no outs with the top of the order at the plate.  They had Quad Cities starter Hector Hernandez on the ropes, but couldn’t put him away.  Hernandez struck out two batters and got a grounder to end the inning with the Rattlers up 2-0.
  5. A funny play happened in that top of the second inning.  The bases were loaded, but the main characters were Chadwin Stang at third and Rafael Neda at second.  Carlos George singled to center and Neda got a good read on the ball and saw that it would drop so he took off for third.  Stang did what he needed to do and went back to tag up.  Neda was close to third and had to slow up a bit when he noticed Stang still at the base.  Matt Erickson held Neda up at third instead of sending him.  Stang’s run made it 2-0.  As I said at the time, it may be the only time Stang slows Neda down on the bases.
  6. Neda went 3-for-4 with an RBI on Friday night.  He hit the ball hard twice and had a seeing-eye single for his RBI hit in the second.  It’s about time that he got a “ground ball with eyes” after all the times he was robbed in the first half of the season.
  7. In the ninth inning, Brandon Macias was hit for the twelfth time this season.  He leads the Midwest League in that category.  To put 12 HBPs in perspective, Ryan Braun has been hit by a pitch six times in 2012.
  8. The Rattlers – real number here – have been “walked off” twice here in Quad Cities this season.  Each time the winning run has scored on an errant throw during a sacrifice bunt attempt.  That’s just wrong…and weird…but mostly wrong.
  9. I checked with the manager on this to see if it was okay to mention this and he said yes, so: Mitch Haniger, the Brewers supplemental first round pick in the 2012 draft, will be joining the Rattlers in Quad Cities for the next two days.  He will not be on the roster for either of the remaining games against the River Bandits.  He is in town to get acclimated to the team and start getting into a routine.  Welcome to the Midwest League, here’s a 5pm Sunday game with a 4-1/2 hour bus ride home.

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