Nine after 9 for June 17, 2012

Timber Rattlers 2
River Bandits 4
Boxscore | Game Story


  1. I KNEW I should have waited one more day to start working on my list of Walkoffs For and Walkoffs Agin.
  2. The picture above is from just before the time Colin Walsh grounded into a 4-3 putout. It came with runners on second and third with two outs in the bottom of the third.
  3. Had a picture been taken just before Walsh hit in the fifth inning with a runner at third and two outs it would have looked the same.  David Goforth came inside on Walsh and jammed him.  But, give credit to Walsh. He did a little inside/out swing and hit a soft line drive about to where the Quad Cities runner at second base has his lead in the picture above is standing.  The Rattlers executed what they needed to do.  Walsh executed what he needed to do just a little bit better.  That little swing gave the Bandits a 2-1 lead.
  4. John Dishon!  I called the home run that he hit to day unexpected.  That was a little unfair.  He had five homers in Helena in 2010 and six more with the Brewers in 2011.  His solo homer in the fifth landed halfway up that berm in left-center and he hit it on an 0-2 pitch.
  5. I don’t know what else I can write about Jason Rogers.  Two more doubles (24 on the season) and an RBI (43 on the season).  He probably should have had a third hit and a second RBI, but Matt Williams made a great play in the eighth and turned a single to left that would have scored Yadiel Rivera from second into a 6-5 putout.
  6. Take a look at that photo up top and note where the shadows are.  Now compare that to the photo below:

    Time lapse this thing!

    Just showing the difference

  7. I only know these next two data points because of a project I was working on for the All-Star Break, but Virgil Hill’s ‘walkoff’ home run was the first against the Timber Rattlers since Danny Rams hit one for Beloit off Jon Pokorny on July 9, 2010.  That was the sixth ‘walkoff’ homer over the Rattlers since 2005.
  8. The end of the half is here. This Timber Rattlers team won 44 games, claimed a playoff spot, won the division, and showed improvement from Day one of the season.  That last part – the showed improvement part – is the most important thing out of all bullet points I have written this season.
  9. Rattler Radio will not be going on hiatus during the All-Star Break.  I have a plan for a ‘Walkoffs’ post tomorrow and a few other things over the next few days.  There won’t be a live blog from the All-Star Game, just follow me on twitter for updates on Tuesday night.  Enjoy the next few days Timber Rattlers fans and players.  The second half will be here before you know it.

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