Every Timber Rattler All-Star since 1995

This post is “Exactly What It Says on the Tin

There have been 89 Timber Rattlers named as All-Stars since 1995.
Fifteen Timber Rattlers have been starters in Midwest League All-Star Games
Three times Rattlers managers have been in charge of the Western Division All-Stars (1996, 1997, 2005)
Two Timber Rattlers have been the winning pitcher of the MWL All-Star Game (1997, 2004)
One Timber Rattler has hit a homer in the MWL All-Star Game (2011)
One Timber Rattler was a 2-time MWL All-Star (1997, 1998)

Seven of the eight Timber Rattlers All-Stars for the 2012 game.

Starters are denoted in bold italics

1995 @ West Michigan (1):
Pitcher Mariano Santana

1996 @ Wisconsin (8 + manager)
Catcher Karl Thompson
Infielder David Ortiz
Infielder Jose Amado
Infielder Joel Ramirez
Outfielder Luis Tinoco
Outfielder Scott Smith
Pitcher Brett Iddon
Pitcher Greg Wooten
Manager Mike Goff

1997 @ Lansing (4 + manager)
Infielder Luis Figueroa
Designated Hitter Jason Regan
Pitcher Joe Mays
Pitcher Denny Stark (Winning Pitcher)
Manager Gary Varsho

1998 @ Clinton (6):
Third Baseman Luis Figueroa
Outfielder Mike Marchiano
Pitcher Ryan Anderson
Pitcher Lesli Brea
Pitcher Gil Meche
Pitcher Joel Pinero

1999 @ Lansing (4):
Pitcher Aaron Looper
Pitcher Chris Mears
Pitcher Melqui Torres
Pitcher Enmanuel Ulloa

2000 @ Kane County (3):
First Baseman Shawn McCorkle
Outfielder Chris Snelling
Pitcher Aquilino Lopez

2001 @ Dayton (7):
Outfielder Jamie Bubela
Catcher Mark Carroll
Infielder Pedro Liriano
Outfielder Jamal Strong
Pitcher Rett Johnson
Pitcher Kevin Olore
Pitcher Chad Wiles

2002 @ Lansing (4):
Outfielder Shin-Soo Choo
Third Baseman Greg Dobbs
Pitcher Juan Doñe
Pitcher Ramon Royce

2003 @ West Michigan (8):
Outfielder TJ Bohn
Infielder Matt Hagen
Infielder Corey Harrington
Catcher Rene Rivera
Pitcher TA Fulmer
Pitcher Cesar Jimenez
Pitcher Bobby Livingston
Pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith

2004 @ Cedar Rapids (2):
Pitcher Ryan Feierabend (Winning Pitcher)
Pitcher Brian Stitt

2005 @ Peoria (7 + manager):
Infielder Asdrubal Cabrera
Infielder Yung Chi Chen
Catcher Rob Johnson
Infielder Matt Tuiasosopo
Outfielder Josh Womack
Pitcher Cibney Bello
Pitcher Chad Fillinger
Manager Scott Steinmann

2006 @ Quad Cities (4):
Outfielder Casey Craig
Third Baseman Ron Garth
Pitcher Edgar Guaramato
Pitcher Harold Williams

2007 @ Kane County (2):
Pitcher Andy Barb
Pitcher Joe Kantakevich

2008 @ Great Lakes (4):
Second Baseman Edilio Colina
Infielder Juan Diaz
Pitcher Phillippe Aumont
Pitcher Travis Mortimore

2009 @ Clinton (5):
Catcher Corey Kemp
Infielder Brett Lawrie
Pitcher Jim Henderson
Pitcher Daniel Meadows
Pitcher Wily Peralta

2010 @ Fort Wayne (4):
Left Fielder Khris Davis
Second Baseman Scooter Gennett
Pitcher Nick Bucci
Pitcher Jake Odorizzi

2011 @ Quad Cities (4):
Designated Hitter Chris Dennis (Home Run)
Infielder Mike Walker
Pitcher Austin Ross
Pitcher Tyler Thornburg

2012 @ Kane County (8):
Second Baseman Greg Hopkins
Catcher Rafael Neda
Shortstop Yadiel Rivera
Infielder Jason Rogers
Pitcher Drew Gagnon
Pitcher Seth Harvey
Pitcher Tommy Toledo
Pitcher Mark Williams

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