Family Ties for Timber Rattlers

In case you missed it, Lance Roenicke, the son of Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke, joined the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers on Thursday.

The Roenicke family is the latest in a line of Rattlers players with family in the big leagues.

Here is a brief list off the top of my head:
Son Jack Arroyo – Father Rudy Arroyo
Brother Steven Braun – Brother Ryan Braun
Son Cirilo Cruz – Father Tommy Cruz
Son Cutter Dykstra – Father Lenny Dykstra
Bother Michael Garciaparra – Brother Nomar Garciaparra
Son Andy Hargrove – Father Mike Hargrove
Son Aaron Looper – Father Benny Looper
Son Joey Paciorek – Father Jim Paciorek
Son Dusty Wathan – Father John Wathan

Thank you, Murphy.  I knew that I would forget something.

Brother Shawn Buhner – Brother Jay Buhner

This is a list of the single most direct relations (For example: I left out Jose Cruz, Sr, Hector Cruz, and Jose Cruz, Jr for Cirilo Cruz).
The relative also needed to have some tie to the major leagues.  Benny Looper didn’t play in the big leauges, but he was the Mariners Director of Minor League in 1997 when Aaron Looper was drafted by the Mariners.  Cody Scarpetta and his father and uncle are not on the list.
And it was baseball only.  (Sorry, Son Matt (Rattlers) & Father Manu (NFL) Tuiasosopo

One that I vaguely remember, but couldn’t corroborate is:
Nephew Gorky Estrella – Uncle Edgar Martinez

If there are any that I am missing – and I’m sure that I did – feel free to drop them in the comments.  I am not afraid to ask for help.

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Shawn Buhner – Brother Jay Buhner (Mariners)

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