Nine after 9 for June 27, 2012

River Bandits 5
Timber Rattlers 6
Boxscore | Game Story

No doubt about it.

  1. Matt Miller is above .500.  If you use the win metric, he is 6-5 and has won three of his last four starts.  But, 109 pitches in five innings.  Whoa.  The 68 strikes were nice and only two walks were even better.
  2. That second inning was something else.  Ten men bat, six score, and two key two-out, two-run singles.
  3. Cameron Garfield is finding his way.   Three more hits tonight, including that RBI double in the second.  It’s only been 18 games, but he is hitting .321 (18-for-57) with six doubles.  Very nice.
  4. A word about Juan Castillo, the catcher for the River Bandits.  I have seen him be a very good defensive catcher against the Rattlers.  Tonight, he was charged with four passed balls.  I thought that had to be an outlier.  But, it’s not.  He now has 14 passed balls this season.  He is throwing out almost 40% of would-be base stealers, but 14 passed balls. Wow.  And the passed ball on the strike three in the second inning allowed the Rattlers to keep batting and …well…more on that in a minute.
  5. Garfield wasn’t the only Rattler with three hits tonight.  Lance Roenicke had three, including the two-run single in the second inning.  You may want to check the Post-Crescent Sports section in the morning.  Mike Woods got a quote from Lance’s dad, who was tuned in on the radio for the first hit and got to the ballpark to see the next two hits.  Lance’s dad, you know, Ron Roenicke.
  6. How nice was it to see the Rattlers make an opponent pay for a mistake.  That’s something that has often been missing over the last several years.  The opponent makes a mistake and leaves the door wide open for the Rattlers…only to have Wisconsin trip on the threshold.  Mitch Haniger made the River Bandits pay for that dropped third strike and delivered his second hit of the second inning, a two-run single to make it 6-0.  Plus, you know, doing that to the Cardinals is a bonus.
  7. One concern that Dusty Rhodes has about this Rattlers team is those offensive droughts after getting early runs.  Useless math time…Divide the game into thirds.  In innings one through three, Wisconsin has scored 140 runs.  In innings four through six, Wisconsin has scored 105.  In innings seven through nine, Wisconsin has scored 87.  Make of that what you will.
  8. Tyler Cravy‘s June: 12IP, 10H, 5R, 3ER, 2BB, 17Ks
  9. Tommy Toledo must have wanted a challenge tonight.  Here’s the tying run at second with one out and Colin Walsh & Anthony Garcia due to bat.  Walsh & Garcia had each homered earlier in the game.  No worries.  Grounder to short and grounder to third. Ballgame.  Two saves in two appearances for Toledo in the second half.  By the way, tonight was the first time this season Toledo pitched two straight days.


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