Nine after 9 for July 1, 2012

Timber Rattlers 1
River Bandits 3
Boxscore | Game Story

400′ from home plate in Davenport

I’m going to mix in the last few days to get everyone caught up.  Apologies for slacking off the last few days.  It just got to be really late after most of those games and catching up in the morning would have put me  way behind for the rest of the day….And then, I stared at that sentence for 20 minutes….

  1. Here’s the amazing thing from Sunday’s game.  Quad Cities drew seven walks on Sunday.  Only one of those walks scored. 
  2. How even are the Rattlers and the River Bandits?  Twelve games so far in the series.  Both teams have six wins.  Quad Cities has outscored the Rattlers 50-49.
  3. The season series between the Rattlers and River Bandits will end on Tuesday.  Why do I have a feeling that these teams are going to meet again after this series is done.
  4. Modern Woodmen Park is becoming the place Rattlers winning streaks go to die.  On May 25, the Bandits ended Wisconsin’s six game winning streak.  On June 15, they ended a seven game winning streak.  On Sunday, they snapped a five game winning streak.
  5. Quad Cities has a four game winning streak and an eight game home winning streak.  Sure would be a shame if anything were to happen to it tomorrow.
  6. Brandon Macias started July the way he ended June. The Rattlers third baseman drove in 20 runs in 23 games during June.  He homered in the last game of June and and again in the first game of July.
  7. Speaking of continuing…Jacob Barnes struck out five in 3-1/3 innings on Sunday.  That continues a trend from the start of June in which he struck out 18 and walked five over 14 innings and a May with 11Ks and 2BB in 12-2/3 innings.  Remember how April started with nine walks and five strikeouts.  Thanks to @Mass_Haas, this article from should explain the changes.
  8. Greg Hopkins is not on this road trip.  A fastball to the helmet will do that.  He is on a no baseball related activities regimen for a few days and will down through at least the first game of the home series against Kane County.  A hit pitch to that spot is nothing to mess around with.
  9. With Hopkins gone for the week, the Rattlers played with four infielders on Sunday.  Matt Erickson said that both Chadwin Stang and Lance Roenicke took some grounders at third base.  Max Walla could play first base in a pinch.
  10. Bonus: It’s been a long couple of days.  Saturday’s game wrapped up at 9:30pm, the bus to Quad Cities was at 7am, and the game started at 5pm.  If there’s never another 5pm Sunday game to start or end a series, I and most of the rest of the baseball community will be eternally grateful.

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