Nine after 9 for July 3, 2012

Timber Rattlers 5
River Bandits 7
Boxscore | Game Story


  1. Tuesday was the final meeting of the regular season between the Rattlers and River Bandits.  The teams were 7-7.  Wisconsin outscored the Bandits 63-59 in those 14 games.
  2. I put regular season in there because – like I said last night – I have this really weird feeling that the Rattlers and River Bandits are going to meet again.
  3. Yadiel Rivera committed an error last night.  I only bring this up because of how rare that has been.  Rivera has started 73 games at shortstop this season.  Last night was only his ninth error of the season.  He tried to hurry on a double play in the sixth inning and it cost him.  I am willing to bet that he won’t make that mistake for awhile.  I was on the elevator with him after the team got to the hotel last night.  He was down, but already making plans for a big night tonight in Cedar Rapids.
  4. Nick Ramirez hit his sixth home run of the season.  The three-run home run in the sixth inning was hit out to right-center, a spot in the Quad Cities ballpark that does not normally see the ball leave the ballpark.  He has some ridiculous pop.
  5. Chad Pierce was cruising along – until the fifth inning.  I had him at 55 pitches through four innings.  He had 34 pitches in the fifth.  He will be back.
  6. I bring this point up about River Bandits third baseman Stephen Piscotty, a first round pick of the Cardinals out of Stanford, here because it is just so odd.  He had five hits in the three game series with the Rattlers.  All five hits were doubles.  He had been 1-for-9 prior to the start of the series on Sunday.
  7. Lance Roenicke and Mitch Haniger each had two hits on Wednesday.  That would be six multi-hit games for Roenicke and three multi-hit games for Haniger since they joined the Timber Rattlers roster.
  8. How hot was it on Wednesday?  Neither team took batting practice on the field or took infield before the game.  I am talking about a Cardinals minor league team and a Brewers minor league team. Conditions have to be really extreme for one of those two teams to not work on the field.  They have to be really bad for neither team to do on field work. 
  9. Here is something to hang your hat on for a later date.  It’s over 90 degrees and the Rattlers just fell behind 6-1 after a rough bottom of the fifth inning.  The easy way out would have been to swing at the first pitch and get out of there.  Not this team.  Brandon Macias and Haniger worked a couple of walks.  Ben McMahan singled to drive in a run. Ramirez hit his homer.  Then, they kept plugging away after a caught stealing.  They didn’t come all the way back, but they gave it one heck of a go.

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