Nine after 9 for July 12, 2012

Rattlers 5
Captains 3
Boxscore | Game Story

The last out

  1. That was fun. Early, but fun.
  2. Yeah. I’m going to save the last four points for the double plays today, so here’s a start with Chad Thompson with a 4-2/3 scoreless innings after the three-run homer four batters into the game.  That was the tenth home run given up by Thompson, but he bounced back and made sure the offense didn’t have to dig out of a really deep hole on Thursday.
  3. Mike Garza had his first extra-base hit of the season today.  A lead off line drive double to right field – the opposite field for him. Then, Lance Roenicke drove him in with a single.  Roenicke with a couple of hits and a couple of RBI.  He’s hitting .405
  4. A big offensive flurry in the top of the sixth. Brandon Macias doubles. Ben McMahan, who also had a couple of RBI, drives in Macias with a single.  Then, Nick Ramirez one-hopped the wall in right for an RBI double. Garza with some situational hitting moves Ramirez to third. Then, Roenicke lines a pitch through the drawn-in infield.  From 3-2 down to 5-3 up in five batters.
  5. Scary moment in the eighth when Ramirez was hit on his right hand with a pitch.  That was the hand he needed surgery on after he broke his hamate bone in the spring.  Ramirez would stay in the game, but the possibility of him coming out of the game was there.  I thought it might happen because – after the inning – Max Walla had to run from the Rattlers dugout on the third base side of the to the clubhouse to get another first baseman’s glove.  The clubhouse is beyond the right field fence and it is not easy to get there.  Fortunately, he was not needed to come into the game, but Walla will probably remember to bring that glove to the dugout in the future. 
  6. Double play #1:  Chad Thompson on the hill.  Bottom 2nd. Runner at first. No outs.  Lake County leads 3-2.  Zach MacPhee hits a sharp grounder to Yadiel Rivera. An easy 6-4-3 double play.
  7. Double play #2: Jacob Barnes on the hill. Bottom 6th. Runners at first and second. One out. Rattlers up 5-3.  This one was a little confusing.  Jerrud Sabourin sends a low line drive to short. Rivera appeared to drop the ball intentionally.  Rivera went over to tag the runner at second. But, that runner was standing on the base. So. Rivera stepped on second for the force and an easy throw to first got Sabourin by a lot because he thought Rivera caught the ball and was barely 30 feet down the line.
  8. Double play #3: Barnes on the hill.  Bottom 7th. Runners at first and second. No outs. Rattlers up 5-3.  Leonardo Castillo  popped up a bunt attempt. Barnes charged off the mound and made the catch about 35 feet up the third base line in fair territory.  He whirled and threw to second to double off that runner.
  9. Double play #4:  Barnes on the hill.  Bottom 8th. Runners at first and second. One out. Rattlers up 5-3.  Jordan Smith at the plate. This one belongs in a museum.  Songs need to be sung and poems need to be written about this play.  If this play were at home, the highlight would be the #1 play of the video board era at Time Warner Cable Field.  Smith, who had hit a three-run homer in the first inning, looked for all the world to have lined an RBI single to center, which would have made things…difficult.  Instead, Rivera, who was shading Smith up the middle, made a dive and snared the liner. The runner at second has 3/4 of the to third base before he realized what had happened. Rivera happened. If I were programmed for human emotion, that play may have been able to move me to shed a tear.  It was beautiful.

Victory walk or just a regular walk to the clubhouse.

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