Nine after 9 for July 14, 2012

Timber Rattlers 3
TinCaps 4
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Calm before

  1. Chad Pierce did pretty well for a pitcher who slept on the floor of a bus during a 5-hour bus ride from Ohio to Indiana.
  2. He was consistently in the low-90s – even into the eighth inning.  He kept his pitch count low – unofficially I had him at 98 pitches and he was in the strike zone (67 strikes).  
  3. However, be careful with those kick saves.  No seriously.  Pierce kicked at a pair of grounders through the middle.  He wasn’t hit by them.   He kicked at them and wound up with 1-3 putouts.  At least he didn’t try to knock them down with his pitching hand.  That would have been bad.
  4. Brandon Macias was hit by his 16th pitch of the season, drove in his 46th run of the season, and picked up his 22nd double of the year.  He is the team leader in the first two categories and trails only the promoted Jason Rogers, who had 24 doubles, in the last.
  5. Chadwin Stang bounced back from an 0-for-7 night on Friday with three hits, including his tenth bunt single of the season, on Saturday. 
  6. There were a couple of opportunities to add on to the three runs.  Runner at second with one out in the fifth, sixth, and seventh.  But, that runner never made it to third base.
  7. I talked a bit with David Chavarria about the closer situation in Lake County.  I asked about closer-by-committee to see if someone steps into the role now that Seth Harvey and Tommy Toledo has been promoted.  He responded with a no.  Different players will be tried in that spot, but not exclusively.  If a pitcher comes in in the eighth inning and is doing well, that guy will go back out for the ninth.  It is all about finding out how different guys respond in that spot.  And it’s also about not limiting a player in his first or second year of pro ball to a closer role.  The odds of pitcher who is a closer in the Midwest League to make it to the big leagues as a closer is, and this is just a guess, but to one would not be out of line.  Just note that I am not saying a closer at this level won’t make it to the big leagues.  Just that he won’t make it as a closer.  There is difference.
  8. How many? Walkoffs For and Walkoffs Agin are equal now at eight.  The last three road losses (July 6 @ Cedar Rapids; July 13 @ Lake County; and July 14 @ Fort Wayne) have been on walkoffs.
  9. Field of Dreams was on HBO Family at the hotel when I got home, er, back to the room. 

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