Nine after 9 for July 15, 2012

Sorry.  I thought I had posed this last night. It got stuck in my draft folder.  Is this road trip over yet?

Timber Rattlers 8
TinCaps 2
Boxscore | Game Story

David Goforth on the hill.

  1. David Goforth was solid today. Very solid today.  He scattered eight hits over eight innings and struck out three without walking a batter.  This marks the second straight start in which he did not walk a batter.  That’s 14 straight innings without a walk by Goforth.
  2. He was just over 100 pitches for the game and – velocity mavens, you will be happy to hear this – the stadium pitch speed indicator still clocked Goforth’s fastball at 94-96 in the eighth inning.
  3. Goforth’s start was almost identical to the one by Chad Pierce on Saturday.  Both went eight innings and both allowed two runs.  Not that the bullpen needed the rest after the 15 inning game on Friday night, but it was really nice to see both Pierce and Goforth go that deep into the ball game.
  4. Speaking of the bullpen, Tyler Cravy got in to Sunday’s game for the first time since July 7.  A walk and an error spoiled an otherwise uneventful outing by Cravy.  He has made eight appearances at since June 1.  His numbers since June: 15IP, 12H, 6R, 3ER, 3BB, 18K
  5. The error in the ninth inning kept the game going.  It was the third error of the game for the Rattlers.  In the first five games of this road trip, the Rattlers have ten errors.  That is not the defense that the Rattlers have been known for this season.  I think I know what they will be working on when they get back to the ballpark. (NOTE: After the game, two of the three errors on the Rattlers were changed to hits.  A kindly official scorer does not take away from the point that the defense needs to tighten up a bit.)
  6. Mike Garza snapped out of it at the plate today.  The two-run single with two outs in the first was huge.  Then, the two-run double with two outs in the fifth inning gave the Rattlers more than enough cushion.  Garza had three hits and no RBI in his first nine games with he Rattlers. Sunday it was two hits and four RBI.
  7. The second hit  by Garza was one of those chances to make an opponent pay for a mistake.  The TinCaps had misplayed a two out popup by Nick Ramirez into a single that put runners at the corners.  Garza drilled a double down the third base line to move the score from 3-2 to 5-2.
  8. Lance Roenicke had three hits and scored two runs on Sunday.  He’s at .408 (20-for-49) in 14 games with the Rattlers
  9. Oh, forgot to mention, Nick Ramirez was back in the lineup Sunday after missing two games.  He was hit by a pitch on his right hand on Thursday and sat out on Friday and Saturday.  His seventh inning home run was a high towering fly that hit on the concrete of the walkway at the top of the berm – beyond the green Vera Bradley sign.  The ball then bounced onto the seating area above beneath the scoreboard.  Click on the picture below this entry and marvel.  In case you can’t make it out, the white numbers on the girder below the Verizon 4G sign on the lower left hand corner of the scoreboard is 517…as in 517 feet.  One bounce or no, that is some great power from Ramirez.

The seventh inning home run by Nick Ramirez landed somewhere in this picture.

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