Nine after 9 for July 28, 2012

Timber Rattlers 2
LumberKings 3
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Great night for a game

  1. In Christopher Nolan’s recently completed Dark Knight Trilogy one of the themes is balance.  In the words of Ra’s al Ghul from the first film: Justice is balance, you burnt my home and left me for dead, consider us even.  Why do I bring this up tonight?  The Timber Rattlers have nine walkoff wins at home.  They have now been “walked off” nine times on the road. Keep in mind that – in my telling – the LumberKings are Ra’s and the Rattlers are Batman.  Batman leaves Ra’s stranded on a crashing monorail at the end of the first movie…uh, spoiler, I guess.
  2. I told Chad Seely, the Clinton broadcaster those walkoff numbers after the game and he was stunned.   Frankly, so am I.  I’ve seen all 18 and I can’t believe it.  To put it in a statistical format: Saturday was the 103rd game of the season.  That means that 17% of the games this season have ended in a walkoff fashion.  That seems a bit out of the norm.
  3. Eric Semmelhack was mixing it up pretty well through five innings.  As a bonus, he fielded his position very well.  The LumberKings tried a safety squeeze in the third inning and Semmelhack made a quick move to get the ball.  His throw to the plate was a bit hurried and high, but Rafael Neda caught it and applied the tag for the out.
  4. I don’t even know where to start on the top of the fifth inning.  As my tweet said after the inning: In the words of Ron Burgundy: Heck, I’m not even mad; that’s amazing.  Here’s the spot.  Chadwin Stang at third and Lance Roenicke at second with no outs against John Taylor.  Taylor gets Brandon Macias on a sharp grounder back to the mound.  Greg Hopkins is at the plate.  On the second pitch of the at bat, the catcher – Mike Dowd – throws to third and picks off Stang.  Before the next pitch is thrown, Taylor turns and picks Roenicke off second base.  Neither play was close. That’s amazing.
  5. It sounds like the LumbeKings are going through a stretch where everything is bouncing their way.  I guess that happens when you win six in a row.  Maverick Lasker had runners at first and second with two outs in the bottom of the sixth.  He made a really good pitch on Dowd, but the ball landed in a Bermuda Triangle between Stang, Yadiel Rivera, and Carlos George.  All three were going after the ball so hard, that is was hard to slow up and pick up the ball after it basically stopped dead in the outfield.  Both runners scored and Dowd wound up with about a 200′ double.
  6. Rivera started the comeback with a walk….on a 3-2 pitch no less….in the top of the seventh.  He drew two walks in Saturday’s game…That would be two of his 18 walks on the season.
  7. George with a very good at bat to drive in Rivera with the tying run.  He had two strikes against him, fouled off a few pitches to keep the at bat going, and eventually got the fly ball to center to score Rivera.
  8. A few notes here:  Ben McMahan picked up his 10th outfield assist of the season.  Stang moved his hitting streak to 12 games with a double in the third, and Macias with his 50th RBI of the season when he drove in Stang in the third.
  9. To quote Thomas Wayne and Alfred from the first movie: Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.  Get ’em tomorrow.

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