Nine after 9 for July 29, 2012

Timber Rattlers 9
LumberKings 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Three light towers…Three home runs. Use those light towers in the photo as a landmarks.

  1. Chadwin Stang wasted no time in extending his hitting streak to 13 games and in giving the Rattlers a 1-0 lead.  Two pitches in and he crushed a home run to the light tower just to the right of the scoreboard.  Slow and steady wins the race?  Stang was hitting .229 after an 0-for-3 in game two a doubleheader against Cedar Rapids on May 7.  It has been a nearly three month climb, but that average has bumped up to .275. Still work to do.
  2. Cameron Garfield hit his sixth home run of the season on Sunday.  He hit it on an 0-2 pitch to the base of the light tower on the left of the scoreboard.  For reference:
    Garfield’s Power Numbers through the Years:
    Helena, 2009: Four homers in 218 at bats
    Rattlers, 2010: Three homers in 384 at bats
    Rattlers/AZL, 2011: Two homers in 53 at bats
    Rattlers, 2012: Six homers in 138 at bats
    Toss out that 2011 season due to the injuries
  3. See that light tower to the right of the batter’s eye? Nick Ramirez hit is his home run to the right of that thing.  It was the first home run he hit off a lefty this season and it could not have been more perfect.  The count was 3-0 and the ball may as well have been lobbed in there.  The sound of the ball hitting the bat was one of those sounds that makes some writers start to wax poetic about the beauty of the silence after the crack of the bat as all watch a white ball rocketing through the sky, becoming an ever diminishing white dot that eventually fades into eternity leaving a mere echo, a vapor trail, electronic numbers on a scoreboard, and the immortality of a few scratches in a scorebook.  Some writers can actually do it well.
  4. By the way, Ramirez is now the team leader in RBI.  He had four on Sunday and has 53 for the season.
  5. Wisconsin has played 26 games in the month of July.  They have hit 26 home runs in the month of July.
  6. The Rattlers have played 104 games this season and they have 77 home runs.
    Timber Rattlers home runs by season through the Brewers Era:
    2009 – 62 in 139 games
    2010 – 81 in 138 games
    2011 – 76 in 139 games
    2012 – 77 in 104 games
  7. STOSH! has been ridiculously good for the Rattlers this season.  Almost as ridiculously good as his mustache!  I can only think of one bad pitch he has made this season.  Today, I had him at 50 pitches in four scoreless innings.  He gave up three hits and no runs.  There were no walks and no strikeouts either but it didn’t matter.  Save #1 for STOSH!
  8. Mike Garza had two more hits on Sunday.  His hitting streak has reached five games and his average has climbed above .200.  “Deshi Basara”.
  9. One more game on this road trip.  Then – get this – the Rattlers play 24 straight games in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is home for 17 and in Beloit for seven from July 31 through August 24.  That stretch can’t start soon enough.  Now, if we can just get out of town before a train holds up the bus.  But, what are the odds of that?

    Forget I asked.

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