Notes from the bus ride home

Timber Rattlers 7
LumberKings 0
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That is how you end a road trip.

  • Back to the old bullet points tonight because the bus ride is a little rocky and I think I’m still a little dehydrated…even with the liter of water…yes, water…that I drank during the first four innings of the game…It got a little warm in the booth tonight.
  • The Timber Rattlers went 5-1 on a six game road trip against two teams that they could face in the first round of the playoffs.  And they outscored their opponents 31-10.
  • Ten?  Let me check….10 ÷ 6 =….less than two runs a game….That’s good?  Right? 
  • Here are the pitchers as they went in the games:
    July 25 @ Kane County: Matt Miller 8IP/Tyler Cravy IP
    July 26 @Kane County: Chad Pierce 7IP/Michael Strong 2IP
    July 27 @Kane County: David Goforth 7IP/Kevin Shackelford 2IP
    July 28 @Clinton: Eric Semmelhack 5IP/Maverick Lasker 2.2IP/Mark Williams IP
    July 29 @ Clinton: Jacob Barnes 5IP/STOSH! 4IP
    July 30@ Clinton: Miller 6IP/Stephen Peterson 3IP
    That looks pretty impressive if you ask me. Only on pitcher pitched twice on during a six game road trip was a starting pitcher. 
  • What does that mean?  It means a couple of things.  First, the starting pitchers are going deep into games. Second, the relievers are proving that they are capable of going multiple innings.  That would almost seem to be a good formula to develop pitchers.
  • The Rattlers hit two more home runs on Monday.  That gives them 28 in 27 games during July.  They are guaranteed to hit at least as many homers as they have played games in the month.
  • The homers on Monday were both opposite field line drives.  Max Walla (6th of the season) and Nick Ramirez (13th)each hit homers to left and that is a good thing.
  • Oh, and Ramirez with three more RBI for 55 on the season.
  • Chadwin Stang‘s infield single in the eighth inning extended his hitting streak to 14 games.  To give you a preview of the next series, he is 11-for-34 in 11 games against Burlington.
  • Speaking of Burlington: A win on Tuesday gives the Rattlers a 14-14 record in July.  A loss on Tuesday means a 13-15 record in July.
  • Yadiel Rivera showed off his range in the fifth inning.  He went deep in the hole and made a strong throw from short left field to first for the first out.   For the last out of the inning he grabbed a grounder directly behind second in short center to and made another accurate throw to first.  Mix in another walk and another hit and that’s a pretty good game for the shortstop prospect.
  • The bus is almost to the Wisconsin state line and I don’t plan on leaving my Beautiful Badger State for at least the next three weeks.
  • See you at the ballpark this week.

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