Nine after 9 for August 4, 2012

Rattlers 2
Snappers 1
Boxscore | Game Story

That’s that with that.

  1. First – which is kind of obvious since this is point #1 – no report on Stephen Peterson.  He left after the sacrifice bunt in the bottom of the seventh.  He slipped on the turf or the mound going after the bunt.  Even after the injury he got to the ball and threw to first for the out.
  2. Also, no report on Chadwin Stang, who has not played the last two days.  Stang is still on a 17-game hitting streak.
  3. I thought of a quote from Rounders – which itself was a quote – to relate to Matt Miller‘s performance in Beloit as I was gathering my thoughts for tonight’s column.  It was Mike McDermott who said: “Like Papa Wallenda said, ‘Life is on the wire, the rest is just waiting.'”
  4. Shhhh….Miller has ten wins on the season (10-7) now and is 7-2 since his loss at Beloit on June 2 when he gave up seven runs on ten hits in four innings.  After that game his ERA was at 4.57.  That ERA has dropped – bit by bit – to 3.68 since.
  5. On Saturday, he went six innings with one run allowed and the Snappers were 0-for-5 against him with runners in scoring position
  6. For the second day in a row, the Rattlers denied the opponents as they tried to steal a run with runners on the corners.  On Friday, Adrian Williams held the runner at third as he took the throw and ran the would-be thief down between first and second.  on Saturday, the throw from Rafael Neda went through to second and Yadiel Rivera threw right back to the plate to get that runner. D! FENCE!…D! FENCE!
  7. Michael Strong. I am out of words. Just go look at his page and see his numbers and his splits and everything.
  8. STOSH! was – once again a ridiculously good as his mustache.  Here’s his page.  Look, O ye hitters, and despair.
  9. But seriously.  You can’t get more into a more high leverage situation than Miguel FREAKING Sano up with the tying run at first and one out in the bottom of the eighth inning and you strike him out to get him.  The next four outs were just icing on the cake.  STOSH!

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