Nine after 9 for August 5, 2012

Wisconsin 2
Beloit 8
Boxscore | Game Story

#14 for #33

  1. A couple of injury updates to start.  Stephen Peterson said that his ankle buckled when he went to field that bunt in the seventh inning last night. He was getting treatment before the game.  That will probably be the case over the next few days.
  2. Chadwin Stang said that he was feeling as good as he has ever felt last Sunday and Monday in Clinton.  Then, he tweaked something in the game against Burlington.  He mentioned that he probably could have played today, but the decision was made to hold him out for one more day.
  3. Chad Pierce made a mistake to Miguel Sano on a 3-2 pitch in the second inning. Miguel Freaking Sano hits mistakes a long way. He hit #22 of the season in the second over the wall in right-center. 
  4. Pierce made a lot of pitches today.  Unofficially, I had him at 98 pitches (63 strikes) in four innings.  The third inning had a lot to do with that.  Pierce would get the first two outs in the the third inning, but two singles, a walk, and an error led to two unearned runs against him in the third inning.  Get this…those were the first two unearned runs against Pierce this season.
  5. It’s a little depressing, but the Rattlers probably don’t score that run in the top of the fourth inning if JD Williams doesn’t lose the flyball from Ben McMahan in the SUN.  That hit moved Cameron Garfield to third instead of leaving him at second base.  Mike Garza‘s sacrifice fly to left would have been the final out of the inning.
  6. Rattlers Grand Slams for = 2; Rattlers Grand Slams against = 4…FOUR?!?…Sigh…four.
  7. Kevin Shackelford hasn’t allowed a run since the TinCaps scored two off him in the bottom of the ninth on July 14.  He worked two scoreless innings to extend his scoreless streak to nine innings over four appearances.
  8. Nick Ramirez crushed his 14th home run of the season. He hit it off a lefty.  It was his second off a left-hander this season and there was no doubt.
  9. I’m a little upset. The Timber Rattlers play the Beloit Snappers seven times in Beloit in two weeks and I am going miss the day that they are going to wear Tuxedo Jerseys.  I like to picture a baseball game where the players are wearing tuxedo jerseys because it says they want to be formal, but they’re here to party…and play baseball.

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