Highlights for August 12, 2012

Clinton 9
Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Bronson is just chillin’.  I’m taking the lead from Bronson.  Now. Where’s my bandana?

A few notes on Sunday’s game:

  • Good to see Greg Hopkins hit a homer and drive in three runs.  It was his first since June 9 and – more importantly – it was his first since he missed all that time after being hit in the head by a pitch on June 30.  If the Rattlers are going to make a run in the playoffs, they will need Hopkins.
  • David Goforth set a single game high as a pro for strikeouts in a game with six.  But, he also walked five and gave up five runs on eight hits.  He just didn’t look comfortable today.  He’ll turn it around.
  • Do you think Clinton was a little fired up to play this weekend?  They had scored 28 runs on 79 hits in the first 12 meetings with the Rattlers.  In the first two games against the Rattlers in this series, they have scored 17 runs on 27 hits.  That’s a little ridiculous….and not the cool kind of ridiculous.
  • Cameron Garfield with two more hits and his hitting streak has reached five games.  He is 9-for-18 in that streak.  That’s .500, right?
  • Unrelated to the game, I just want to thank the Petersons and Duane Cravy for their thoughtful gifts today.  They were unnecessary and unexpected, but very much appreciated.  Thank you.  I’ll get some pictures of them up on twitter later.
  • Get some sleep. Another game tomorrow.

Sunday’s Highlights:


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