Postgame thoughts – August 16, 2012

Rattlers 6
Snappers 5
Boxscore | Game Story

The first big strikeout.

I’ve been staring at this blank computer screen – and watching an excellent episode of Burn Notice (directed by Jonathan Frakes and co-starring Epic Win Guy, the guy from the Direct TV commericals with the miniature giraffes, as the antagonist) – for the last 90 minutes or so.

And I as stared at the blank screen and decided to write a sentence with as many parenthetical asides as I could.  Mission accomplished.

Also, I decided that cold medicine is fun.

Now, as to the 6-5 Rattlers win over the Beloit Snappers from Thursday night.  I can only think of a series of posts for the offseason that will be titled: Mehring’s Rules for Midwest Leaguers.

Rule #8 will be: If you are the road team, there is no such thing as an easy win in Beloit.  I don’t have the numbers in front of me*, but I am pretty sure that the margin of victory for road teams at Pohlman Field is 0.3 runs.

Appropriate song goes here:

In closing, Cameron Garfield on a hot streak, Mark Williams with his seventh win, Lance Roenicke with his first home run, Kevin Shackelford scoreless, and STOSH!‘s bend but don’t break ninth inning.  Read the game story for details.

*-If I did have the numbers in front of me, I am convinced that they would stand up and do a barbershop quartet version of that song that goes, “Remember all the things that you and I did first? And now you’re doing them her”.

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