Timber Rattlers highlights – August 18, 2012

Chiefs 9
Rattlers 2
Boxscore | Game Story

A few thoughts.

Peoria scored six of their nine runs with two outs.

Here’s a sneak peek for the game notes tomorrow (and a hat tip to the Rattlers official scorer for this):

TRIPLE DOUBLE:  Ben McMahan hit his 11th triple of the season on Friday night.  McMahan also has 20 doubles and 11 home runs this season.  He is the second Rattler to have double digits in doubles, triples, and homers for a season.  The other player to record a “triple-double”  in those three offensive categories is Chris Colton.  In 2004, Colton had 18 doubles, 11 triples, and 12 homers.

Looking back at some old Appleton Foxes seasons on Baseball-Reference.com, we couldn’t find any players who had reached double digits in doubles, triples, and homers.

Colton had 15 stolen bases in 2004.  McMahan has eight steals this season.  Keep your eye on that one.

Not making the game notes tomorrow, but obvious on the results for the night, but Jorge Soler is pretty good.  4-for-5, long homer, rocket double, stolen base, two RBI.

Get them tomorrow.

Saturday’s Highlights

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