Post Game One Thoughts

Wisconsin 0
Burlington 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Just before the end.

Paraphrasing manager Matt Erickson after the game: When a pitcher can throw three pitches for strikes, that’s what happens.

What happened was  Tanner Peters had a nasty changeup.  He threw his other pitches for strikes and – after a Rafael Neda single in the top of the second inning – Peters retired 18 straight Rattlers.  The streak eventually reached 23 – through two more relievers – until Nick Ramirez doubled with two out in the top of the ninth.

I am almost positive that there is an story with quotes from Peters on the way.

A couple from the This Is Just TOO Weird File:  The Timber Rattlers playoff game prior to Wednesday was on September 17, 2005.  Wisconsin lost that game 4-0.  The last Timber Rattlers playoff game in Burlington prior to Wednesday was September 15, 1999.  IT wasn’t 4-0, but it was a shutout and the Bees won that game 2-0.

I know it’s a completely different team, including affiliation, but the last time the Rattlers were swept in a series was in 2003.  Beloit swept the Rattlers out of the first round of the playoffs that year.

Want the really depressing part?  The Rattlers have been to the playoffs from 1996-2001, 2003, & 2005. They have lost been eliminated at home in  1996 (League Finals), 1997 (1st round), 1998 (1st round), 1999 (League Finals), 2000 (Division Finals) , 2003 (1st round), & 2005 (League Finals).  The only year the Rattlers did not get eliminated at home was 2001 (In Kane County in the Division Finals)

It would be nice if history doesn’t repeat itself.

Aside from that there really isn’t much to add to the game story. I tip my cap to the Bees on Game One.

In the other playoff games, Beloit won 8-6 in Clinton.  Fort Wayne beat Lansing 5-2.  Lake County beat Bowling Green 5-4.  Beloit will be the only team going for the sweep at home.  Everyone else heads home and will hope to force game three.

Chad Pierce is the scheduled starter for the Rattlers and he will face AJ Cole.

I won’t paraphrase Matt Erickson for this last part, but I will give him credit for this bit of information that might keep your hopes up  for Thursday.  The Timber Rattlers went 42-28 at home in 2012.   Best home record in the Western Division. That includes a 6-4 record against the Bees.

See you at the ballpark.

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