September 2012

Lineup & Game Notes for Game Three MWL Championship Series – September 15, 2012

Parkview Field before Game Three of the MWL Championship Series.

Wisconsin Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Chadwin Stang – CF
Ben McMahan – RF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Cameron Garfield – DH
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Rafael Neda – C
Lance Roenicke – LF
Adrian Williams – 2B

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher:
David Goforth

Fort Wayne Lineup:
Jace Peterson – SS
Tyler Stubblefield – 2B
Travis Whitmore – DH
Yeison Asencio – RF
Lee Orr – 1B
Austin Hedges – C
Mike Gallic – LF
Duanel Jones – 3B
Kyle Gaedele – CF

TinCaps Starting Pitcher:
Frank Garces

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Follow today’s game (6:05pm CDT first pitch):
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The Day After & The Day Before

Game Two
Fort Wayne 5
Wisconsin 1
(Best-of-five Series tied 1-1)


Roundup of stories on Game Two:

The Post Crescent

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

The Journal-Gazette story notes that Travis Jankowski, the TinCaps leadoff hitter and center fielder is out for the rest of the playoffs:

Travis Jankowski suffered a rib fracture and will miss the rest of the series, according to Valentin. The outfielder was hit by a pitch in the top of the first. He left the game when the inning ended.

Also, the Fond du Lac Reporter has this Chad Pierce-centric article.

Long story short. Rattlers held to two hits.  Wisconsin’s offense is hitting .185 in the playoffs.

Other Playoff Stats and Notes:
Pierce allowed three runs – two earned – over seven innings.  That would make seven quality starts – in seven playoff games – for Wisconsin starting pitchers.
Thursday was the first time in the post season run for this Rattlers team they allowed more than four runs
It was the sixth time the Rattlers have scored four or fewer runs.
Nick Ramirez hit his third homer of the playoffs.  That gives him 19 total on the season.
The two runs in the ninth inning for the TinCaps were the first two allowed by the Rattlers bullpen in the postseason.
Fort Wayne relievers Johnny Barbato and Matt Stites are going to be a tad bit of trouble in the late innings.
The Timber Rattlers wrap the 2012 season with a home record – playoffs included – of 46-29.

The team is on the bus to Fort Wayne right now.  Game Three of the best-of-five Finals is Saturday night.  Game time is 6:05pm CDT at Parkview Field.

The two pitchers that lead their respective teams in wins will take the mound in Game Three.  RHP David Goforth for the Rattlers against LHP Frank Garces.  Goforth won at Fort Wayne earlier this season.  Garces beat the Rattlers in Fort Wayne in that same series.

A couple of numbers to keep in mind preparing for Saturday’s game:
Including a 1-1 record in the playoffs, the Rattlers are 37-34 on the road
Including a 2-0 record in the playoff, the TinCaps are 39-33 at home
Wisconsin batters hit .259 as a team against lefties this season.

Here was the batting order for the Rattlers hitters – and how they did – against Garces in the game on July 16 at Fort Wayne, a 7-4 TinCaps win:
Stang: 2-for-3, 2 doubles
Roenicke: 0-for-1, SF, RBI
Macias: 0-for-0, 2 walks
McMahan: 0-for-2, K
Ramirez: 0-for-2, K
Garfield: 1-for-1, HR, RBI, walk
Garza: 1-for-2
Roberts: 0-for-2, K
Rivera: 0-for-2

Here is the batting order for the TinCaps hitters – and how they did – against Goforth in the game on  July 5 at Fort Wayne, an 8-2 Rattlers win:
Jankowski: 0-for-4
Peterson: 2-for-4 RBI
Gallic: 1-for-4, double, RUN
Asencio: 2-for-4, RBI
Whitmore: 1-for-4
Hedges: 1-for-3
Orr: 0-for-3
Stubblefield: 1-for-3, K
Gaedele: 1-for-3, 2B, K, RUN

Game Two Highlights:

Lineup & Game Notes for Game Two MWL Championship Series – September 13, 2012

For the Fort Wayne perspective on Game One, here’s Mike Couzens on It’s All Relative.

For the Fort Wayne perspective on Wednesday’s game winning run, check out the highlights from

As to today…

Carl the Rain Hating Camel says, “I hate rain. It shouldn’t rain today. It had better stay away or I will be very angry.”

Fort Wayne Lineup:
Travis Jankowski – CF
Jace Peterson – SS
Yeison Asencio – RF
Travis Whitmore – DH
Lee Orr – 1B
Austin Hedges – C
Duanel Jones – 3B
Kyle Gaedele – LF
Tyler Stubblefield – 2B

Timber Rattlers Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Chadwin Stang – CF
Ben McMahan – LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Cameron Garfield – DH
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Max Walla – RF
Rafael Neda – C
Carlos George – 2B

Fort Wayne Starting Pitcher:
Colin Rea

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Chad Pierce

Fort Wayne Game Notes:
FortWayne091312 vs Wisconsin

Wisconsin Game Notes:

Follow today’s game (12:05pm CDT first pitch):
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MWL Championship Series – Game One Eleven after #11

Game One
Fort Wayne 2
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Timber Rattlers Game Story | Game Story

I will never get sick of pictures like this one. Photo Credit Ann Mollica

It’s a really, really quick turnaround with a 12:05pm game tomorrow.

So a few quick stats and notes from Game One.

  1. The Rattlers were outhit 7-4, scored two runs on wild pitches, and won their fifth straight game.
  2. Wisconsin’s pitching stayed incredible.  One earned run in ten innings lowered their Team ERA to 1.00 in the playoffs
  3. Jacob Barnes went seven innings and allowed one earned run for the SIXTH consecutive quality start in six playoff games
  4. During the five game winning streak, Timber Rattlers starters have pitched 39 innings and allowed five runs – three earned.  That is an ERA of 0.69 for the starters.
  5. Brent Suter got into the act with three scoreless innings.   That would be seven scoreless innings in the last three games for the relievers.
  6. Overall, the Rattlers ERA during the last five game is a REE-gosh-darn-DICULOUS 0.59.
  7. Back to the runs scoring on wild pitches.  When he first took over as the manager of the Timber Rattlers, one of the things that Matt Erickson told me at Spring Training, 2011 was that the Brewers want their players to focus on good reads on pitches in the dirt.  Both Brandon Macias, who scored from second on a wild pitch in the first inning, and Rafael Neda, who scored the winning run in the tenth, got great reads and scored huge runs!
  8. Duanel Jones stepped on the calf of Nick Ramirez on a play at first in the tenth inning.  Ramirez stayed in the game, but – MAN – did that look like it hurt.
  9. Make fun of #bunttowin all you want. It’s working for the Timber Rattlers. Two more sacrifice bunts on Wednesday gives Wisconsin seven sacrifice bunts in six postseason games.  Both bunts tonight set up runs.
  10. The 2012 Timber Rattlers continue to chart uncharted territory.  This is the fourth Midwest League Championship Series for Wisconsin.  Wednesday was the first time the Rattlers have won a Game One in the MWLCS.  This 1-0 lead in the Finals also marks the first time Wisconsin has had a lead in the Finals.  That is something that the 1996, 1999, and 2005 teams never did.  Two more wins and there will be some real uncharted territory.
  11. Why Eleven after Eleven since it was only a ten inning game? Wednesday was “walkoff” win #11 this season.  What a ride and it didn’t even cost me an E Ticket.

Whoops. That wasn’t very quick.  Oh, well.  Sleep fast everyone.

Finals Highlights – Game One:

Lineup & Game Notes for Game One MWL Championship Series – September 12, 2012

First pitch of Game One is close. Very close.

For the Fort Wayne perspective, check out It’s All Relative, the blog of Fort Wayne Broadcaster Mike Couzens.  Here’s Mike’s take on Game One and other things.

Fort Wayne Lineup:
Travis Jankowski – CF
Jace Peterson – SS
Yeison Asencio – RF
Travis Whitmore – 1B DH*
Lee Orr – DH 1B*
Austin Hedges – C
Duanel Jones – 3B
Kyle Gaedele – LF
Tyler Stubblefield – 2B

 *-Switch made at 4:30pm

Timber Rattlers Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Chadwin Stang – CF
Ben McMahan – LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Cameron Garfield – DH
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Max Walla – RF
Rafael Neda – C
Adrian Williams – 2B

Fort Wayne Starting Pitcher:
Joe Ross

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Jacob Barnes

Fort Wayne Game Notes:
FortWayne091212 vs Wisconsin

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Fort Wayne Roster:
Fort Wayne 091112 Roster

Wisconsin Roster:

Friendly Wager between Grand Chute & Fort Wayne

Championship Series Intro Video…Warren Zevon help me, but I really like The Outfield!

Follow tonight’s game (6:35pm CDT first pitch):
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Internet Video: MiLB.TV(Subscribers only)
Cable TV: Sports32 for Time Warner Cable Subscribers

MWL Championship Series Preview

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and the Fort Wayne Wizards TinCaps meet in Game One of the 2012 Midwest League Championship Series on Wednesday, September 12.  The series is a best-of-five

The schedule:
Wednesday, September 12 @ Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium at 6:35pm CDT
Thursday, September 13 @ Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium at 12:05pm CDT
Friday, September, 14 – TRAVEL DAY
Saturday, September 15 @ Parkview Field at 6:05pm CDT
Sunday, September 16 @ Parkview Field at 4:05pm CDT
Monday, September 17 @ Parkview Field at 6:05pm CDT

Fort Wayne – Qualified as the Second Half Eastern Division Wild Card
First Round:
September 5: @Fort Wayne 5, Lansing 2
September 6: Fort Wayne 9, @Lansing 6

Eastern Finals:
September 8: @Fort Wayne 4, Lake County 3
September 9: @Lake County 7, Fort Wayne 4
September 10: Fort Wayne 13 @Lake County 6

Wisconsin – Qualified as First Half Western Division Champion
First Round:
September 5: @Burlington 4, Wisconsin 0
September 6: @Wisconsin 4, Burlington 0
September 7: @Wisconsin 3, Burlington 0

Western Finals:
September 8: Wisconsin 9 @Clinton 1
September 9: @Wisconsin 4, Clinton 2

The teams met just three times during the regular season.  So, instead of the head-to-head numbers, this post will give the overall season numbers for each team.  There will also be a link to the three games played at Fort Wayne in July, a few other notes about the teams, and the probable pitchers.

And that seems like a good place to start.
Game One: RHP Jacob Barnes v. RHP Joe Ross
Game Two: RHP Chad Pierce v.RHP Colin Rea
Game Three: RHP David Goforth v. LHP Frank Garces
Game Four: RHP Chad Thompson v. RHP James Needy
Game Five: RHP Mark Williams v. RHP Matt Wisler

All stats below are Regular Season and current players only unless otherwise noted:
Overall Record:
Fort Wayne:  69-71
Wisconsin: 78-61

First Half Record:
Fort Wayne: 31-39
Wisconsin: 44-25

Second Half Record:
Fort Wayne: 38-32
Wisconsin: 34-36

Home Record:
Fort Wayne: 37-33
Wisconsin: 42-28

Road Record:
Fort Wayne: 32-38
Wisconsin: 36-33

Longest Winning Streak:
Fort Wayne: Six
Wisconsin: Eight

Longest Losing Streak:
Fort Wayne: Five (Twice)
Wisconsin: Six

Fort Wayne: .252
Wisconsin: .257

Fort Wayne: .325
Wisconsin: .323

Fort Wayne: .368
Wisconsin: .395

Fort Wayne: 64
Wisconsin: 107

Fort Wayne: 1031
Wisconsin: 1187

Fort Wayne: 461
Wisconsin: 415

Fort Wayne: 206/286
Wisconsin: 118/194

Fort Wayne: 4.33
Wisconsin:  4.63

Fort Wayne: 46
Wisconsin: 49

Fort Wayne: 1101
Wisconsin: 1019

Fort Wayne: 499
Wisconsin: 487

Fort Wayne: 3.59
Wisconsin: 3.83

Fort Wayne:  4.23
Wisconsin: 4.30

Fort Wayne: 28/49
Wisconsin: 47/67

Fort Wayne: 1.31
Wisconsin: 1.32

Fort Wayne: 173
Wisconsin: 125

Fort Wayne: .966
Wisconsin: .976

Fort Wayne: Yeison Asencio – .323
Wisconsin: Brandon Macias – .288

Fort Wayne: Jace Peterseon – .378
Wisconsin: Brandon Macias – .388

Fort Wayne: Yeison Asencio – .474
Wisconsin: Ben McMahan – .500

Fort Wayne: Lee Orr – 11
Wisconsin: Nick Ramirez – 16

Fort Wayne: Kyle Gaedele & Austin Hedges – 28
Wisconsin: Brandon Macias – 35

Fort Wayne: Jace Peterson – 9
Wisconsin: Ben McMahan – 11

Fort Wayne: Yeison Asencio – 61
Wisconsin: Nick Ramirez – 70

Fort Wayne: Jace Peterson – 62
Wisconsin: Brandon Macias – 58

Fort Wayne: Jace Peterson – 51
Wisconsin: Chadwin Stang – 26

Fort Wayne: Jace Peterson – 78
Wisconsin: Chadwin Stang – 85

Fort Wayne: Matt Wisler – 113
Wisconsin: Chad Pierce – 115

Fort Wayne: Frank Garces – 9
Wisconsin: David Goforth – 10

Fort Wayne: Frank Garces – 121.2
Wisconsin: David Goforth – 150.2

Fort Wayne: Matt Wisler – 2.53
Wisconsin: Chad Pierce – 3.47

Fort Wayne: Matt Stites – 13
Wisconsin:  Kevin Shackelford – 5

Fort Wayne: Matt Wisler – 1.08
Wisconsin: Chad Pierce – 1.23

The meetings in 2012 – all three games at Parkview Field:
July 14: @Fort Wayne 4, Wisconsin 3 WP: Cropper LP: Shackelford

Quick Recap: Chad Pierce allowed two runs on five hits in eighth innings and the Rattlers led 3-2 heading to the bottom of the ninth inning.  But, Fort Wayne scored two runs in the bottom of the ninth off Kevin Shackelford.  Click here for the full game story.

July 15: Wisconsin 8 @Fort Wayne 2 WP: Goforth LP: Hebner

Quick Recap: Mike Garza drove in four runs, Ben McMahan drove in two, and Nick Ramirez homered to provide all the offense David Goforth would need.  Goforth allowed two runs and allowed eight hits over eight innings for the win.  Click here for the full  game story.

July 16: @Fort Wayne 7, Wisconsin 4 WP: Garces LP: M. Williams SV: Stites

Quick Recap: Tyler Stubblefield and Felix Cabrera both homered as part of a three run third inning off Mark Williams.  Frank Garces allowed two runs on four hits in five innings.  Fort Wayne was up 7-2 into the top of the ninth inning, the Rattlers scored twice in the ninth, but Matt Stites came on to get the final two outs for the save.  Click here for the full game story.

Fort Wayne has made one appearance in the Midwest League Championship Series prior to 2012. 
2009: Defeated the Burlington Bees in three games.

Wisconsin has made three appearances in the Midwest League Championship Series prior to 2012.
1996: Lost to the West Michigan Whitecaps in four games
1999: Lost to the Burlington Bees in five games
2005: Lost to the South Bend Silver Hawks in five games.

The TinCaps were known as the Fort Wayne Wizards through the 2008 season.  From 1995 through the 2012 regular season.  Wisconsin and Fort Wayne have played 99 game in the overall series.  The series is even at 64-64-1.

The teams played to a 1-1 tie on June 6, 2003 in a game shortened to six innings by rain at Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium.

Wisconsin is 29-31-1 against the TinCaps at home.  They are 35-33 at Fort Wayne, including a 3-6 record at Parkview Field since 2009.

This is the first time these teams will meet in the postseason.

Enough numbers. First pitch of the series is 6:35pm on Wednesday.  Let’s have some fun!

September 9, 2012 Highlights

Sunday, September 9, 2012
Clinton 4
Wisconsin 2
Boxscore | Game Story

Rattlers advance to the Midwest League Finals with a sweep of the Clinton LumberKings.  The opponent in the finals will not be known until after Game Three of the Eastern Division Finals on Monday night with  Fort Wayne is at Lake County.  The winner heads to Wisconsin for Game One of the MWL Championship Series on Wednesday.

The schedule for the FINALS (Best-of-Five):
GAME ONE: Wednesday, September 12 at Home – 6:35pm
GAME TWO: Thursday, September 13 at Home – 12:05pm
OFF DAY: Friday, September 14
GAME THREE: Saturday, September 15 at East – TBA
GAME FOUR: Sunday, September 16 at East – TBA
GAME FIVE: Monday, September 17 at East – TBA

Rattlers Rotation:
GAME ONE: Jacob Barnes
GAME TWO: Chad Pierce
GAME THREE: David Goforth
GAME FOUR: Chad Thompson
GAME FIVE: Mark Williams

I could write for a long time about Sunday’s game, but anything that I write would be superfluous to the highlights, especially from about 3:21 on to the end of the video.

Celebrate, Timber Rattlers Fans!  We’ll see you Wednesday night!


Lineups & Game Notes for September 9, 2012 – Western Division Finals Game Two

Game Two preparations. First Pitch at 7:05pm.

Clinton Lineup:
Jamal Austin – CF
Dan Paolini – DH
Ji-Mon Choi – 1B
Ramon Morla – 3B
Kevin Rivers – RF
Mike Dowd – C
Guillermo Pimentel – LF
Dillon Hazlett – 2B
Patrick Brady – SS

Clinton Starting Pitcher:
Seon-Gi Kim

Wisconsin Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Chadwin Stang – CF
Ben McMahan-  LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Cameron Garfield – DH
Max Walla – RF
Rafael Neda – C
Adrian Williams – 2B

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Mark Williams

Wisconsin Game Notes:

Clinton Game Notes:

Follow tonight’s game (7:05pm CDT first pitch):
Radio: AM1280,  WNAM
Internet Audio: WNAM Website (Click Listen Live Tab) (free)
Internet Video: MiLB.TV (Subscribers only)

Lineups & Game Notes for September 8, 2012 – Western Division Finals

Getting ready for Game One!

Timber Rattlers Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Chadwin Stang – RF
Ben McMahan – LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Mike Garza – DH
Carlos George – CF
Rafael Neda – C
Adrian Williams – 2B

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Chad Thompson

LumberKings Lineup:
Jamal Austin – CF
Dan Paolini – 2B
Ji-Man Choi – 1B
Ramon Morla – 3B
Kevin Rivers – LF
Jabari Blash – RF
Guillermo Pimentel – DH
Mike Dowd – C
Ryan Brito – SS

Clinton Starting Pitcher:
Rusty Shellhorn

Previous Postseason Meetings:

2005 Western Division Finals: (Wisconsin was a Seattle affiliate, Clinton was a Texas affiliate)
September 10, 2012 – Game One
Wisconsin 8
Clinton 7 (10)
Boxscore | Game Story
WP: Justin Jordan
LP: Matt LaMacchia

Timber Rattlers Home Runs:
Matt Clement (2), Chris Colton

September 11, 2005 – Game Two
Clinton 0
Wisconsin 16
Boxscore | Game Story
WP: Cibney Bello
LP: John Bannister

Timber Rattlers Home Runs:
Mike Wilson, Matt Tuiasosopo

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Follow tonight’s game (6:30pm CDT first pitch):
Radio: AM1280,  WNAM
Internet Audio: WNAM Website (Click Listen Live Tab) (free)

Series Preview – Wisconsin v. Clinton

The Timber Rattlers and the Clinton LumberKings will play in a Western Division Final.  The Rattlers – thanks to their 8-1 record in Clinton during the regular season – finished the season series 12-3 against the LumberKings.

The tale of the tape in the head-to-head matchup:

Wisconsin: 93
Clinton: 49

Wisconsin: 31
Clinton: 29

Wisconsin: 11
Clinton: 8

Wisconsin: .263
Clinton: .233

Wisconsin: .396
Clinton: .349

Wisconsin: 12/9
Clinton: 17/6

Wisconsin: 2.90
Clinton: 4.81

Wisconsin: 120
Clinton: 128

Wisconsin: 48
Clinton: 50

AVG: Jamal Austin – .326  (15-for-46)
HR: Jabari Blash – 3
RBI: Mike Dowd – 6
SB: Jamal Austin – 7
SO: Josh Corrales – 17

AVG: Ben McMahan – .375 (21-for-56)
HR:  Nick Ramirez – 3
RBI: Nick Ramirez – 15
SB:  Chadwin Stang – 3
SO: Jacob Barnes – 15

Wisconsin: 7/9
Clinton: 2/4

Wisconsin: 5
Clinton: 15

May 2: Wisconsin 12 @Clinton 5 WP: M. Miller; LP: Hobson
May 3: Wisconsin 8 @Clinton 2 WP: Gagnon; LP: Hidalgo
May 4: Wisconsin 6 @Clinton 0 WP: Thompson; LP: Landazuri; SV: Williams
June 6: @Wisconsin 6, Clinton 4 WP: Goforth; LP: Shipers; SV: Pierce
June 7: Clinton 2 @Wisconsin 1 WP: Kittredge; LP: Barnes; SV: S. Shackelford
June 8: @Wisconsin 7, Clinton 4 WP: M. Miller; LP: T. Miller
June 12: Wisconsin 3 @Clinton 1 (10) WP: Barnes; LP: Hunter
June 13: Wisconsin 4 @Clinton 2 WP: M. Miller LP: T. Miller SV: Cravy
June 14: Wisconsin 9 @Clinton 1 WP: Gagnon LP: Hidalgo SV: K. Shackelford
July 28: @Clinton 3, Wisconsin 2 WP: Colvin LP: Williams
July 29: Wisconsin 9 @Clinton 4 WP: Barnes LP: T. Miller SV: Wawrzasek
July 30: Wisconsin 7 @Clinton 0 WP: M. Miller LP: Kim
August 11: @Wisconsin 9, Clinton 8 (13) WP: Cravy LP: S. Shackelford
August 12: Clinton 9 @Wisconsin 4 WP: Hunter LP: Goforth SV: Dobbs
August 13: @Wisconsin 7, Clinton 4 WP: Semmelhack LP: Kim SV: Lasker


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