September 2012

Lineup & Game Notes for September 3, 2012

Preparing for the last day of the regular season.

 Game one lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Ben McMahan – LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Cameron Garfield – DH
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Rafael Neda – C
Chadwin Stang – CF
Max Walla – RF
Adrian Williams – 2B

Wisconsin Game one starting pitcher:
Chad Thompson

Wisconsin Game two starting pitcher:
Eric Semmelhack

Burlington Game one starting pitcher:
Blake Hassebrock

Burlington Game two starting pitcher:
Special Mystery Pitcher…My GAWD, King!! That’s Vida Blue’s music!!!!! (Okay, really,  AJ Cole  or TBA)

Timber Rattlers game notes:

Let’s play two!

Follow today’s game (2:00pm CDT first pitch):
Radio: AM1280,  WNAM
Internet Audio: WNAM Website (Click Listen Live Tab) (free)

Postgame post – September 2, 2012

Timber Rattlers 4
Burlington 2
Box score | Game Story

Sunday’s game remind you of anything?
Rattlers offense scores three runs in the first inning (Outscored opponents 96-54 in the first inning)
Rattlers offense strikes out sixteen times in the game (Their 1,177 are the most in the MWL)

David Goforth won his 10th game of the season.  He went five innings and allowed two runs.  Goforth’s most impressive feat on Sunday was the GO:AO ratio of 12:3.  His first inning consisted of three straight grounders to Yadiel Rivera. No strikeouts, but he joins Matt Miller as the only 10-game winner on the staff this season.

Yeah. I know. Pitching wins don’t matter.  Okay.  How about this:
Goforth didn’t miss a start this season.  He made 28 starts and reached 150-2/3 innings pitched.  Goforth tied the Timber Rattlers record for starts in a season (Paul Fagan also had 28 in 2006) and became the first Rattlers pitcher since Fagan to reach 150 innings in a season.

Goforth’s First Half: 14 starts, 5-4, 5.56ERA, 68IP, 31BB, 37K, GO/AO 1.37
Goforth’s Second Half: 14 starts, 5-4, 3.92ERA, 82.2IP, 32BB, 56K, GO/AO 1.51

Other Notes:
Yadiel Rivera had three hits on Sunday.  His average is up to .247.  Rivera was hitting .218 after the game on August 8.  He has a hit in 18 of the 21 games since.  Ten of those games are multi-hit games for Rivera.

Michael Strong came back, um, strong on Sunday with a 1-2-3 9th that included two strikeouts
Strong in July: Seven games; 17.1IP, 9H, 2R, 3BB, 26K
Strong in August: Six games; 9.1IP; 14H, 13R, 8ER, 9BB, 16K

The Reason there is a doubleheader on Monday:
Oddly, the fact that Kane County beat Peoria 5-4 in ten innings – in a game that started at 6:30pm on a Sunday – had nothing to do with Monday’s season ending twinbill.

The Rattlers were tied with Beloit for the best record in the Midwest League heading into Sunday.  The Rattlers are up a game on the Snappers after Beloit lost 2-1 to Quad Cities on Sunday.  BUT, the doubleheader will need to be played on Monday because Beloit still has a chance to finish ahead of the Rattlers in the overall division race.  If the Rattlers and Snappers meet in the second round, the team with the best overall record would host game two and game three in the Western Division Finals.

The fact that Burlington needs to win one game on Monday or hope that Kane County loses their season finale just adds a little spice to the games.

Just a note: Beloit’s first round opponent is going to be Clinton.  Clinton has won nine in a row , 16 of their last 17 games, and are 25-7 since the start of August.

Game one pitching matchup:
WIS: Chad Thompson
BUR: Blake Hassebrock

Game two pitching matchup, IF Rattlers win game one:
WIS: Eric Semmelhack and the relievers
BUR: AJ Cole

Game two pitching matchup, IF Bees win game one*:
WIS: Eric Semmelhack and the relievers
BUR: TBA…probably a RHP

*-Peoria at Kane County starts at 1pm.  If Kane County loses this game, watch for a BUR TBA in game two, too.

Rattlers rotation looks like this to start:

GAME ONE: RHP Jacob Barnes
GAME TWO: RHP Chad Pierce

GAME THREE – if necessary –  (or GAME ONE of 2nd round): RHP David Goforth

Lineup & Game Notes for September 2, 2012

The concourse of Community Field from a photo taken earlier this season.

Today’s Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Ben McMahan – LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Cameron Garfield – C
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Mike Garza – DH
Carlos George – 2B
Max Walla – RF
Chadwin Stang – CF

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
David Goforth

Burlington Starting Pitcher:
Drew Granier

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Note from the game notes:

Wisconsin’s overall record is 75-61. The Beloit Snappers are 76-62. The teams are tied for the best overall record – both teams have a .551 winning percentage – in the Western Division. Home field advantage in the second round of the playoffs is based on best overall record. The teams split the season series 8-8 and must go to the second tiebreaker (Run differential in games between the teams) if the teams remain tied to the end of the season. The Snappers have that tie breaker as they outscored the Rattlers 96-76 in the season series.

Follow today’s game (2:00pm CDT first pitch):
Radio: AM1280,  WNAM
Internet Audio: WNAM Website (Click Listen Live Tab) (free)

August 31, 2012 highlights

Beloit 10
Rattlers 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Number of times the Rattlers lost a game in which they led by 4 runs before August 29: Zero
Number of times the Rattlers lost a game in which they led by 4 runs since August 29: Two (8/29 & 8/31)

Number of times a Rattlers team has hit over 100 home runs in a season: Two (2005 -101, 2010 – 102)

Top five home run hitters for 2012 Timber Rattlers:
Nick Ramirez – 16
Ben McMahan – 14
Yadiel Rivera – 12
Cameron Garfield – 10
Greg Hopkins – 9

Top five home run hitters for 2005 Timber Rattlers:
Mike Wilson – 19
Marshall Hubbard – 17
Chris Colton – 12
Oswaldo Navarro – 9
Brent Johnson – 9

Friday’s Highlights:

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