Rooting Interest for 2012 MLB Playoffs

The  2012 MLB Regular Season has ended and the playoffs start today with the Wild Card Games:  Baltimore at Texas for the American League and St. Louis at Atlanta for the National League.  Oakland, Detroit, and the New York Yankees are the other teams in the AL playoffs.  Cincinnati, San Francisco, and Washington are the other NL teams.

The Brewers missed out on the playoffs this year.  Rattlers fans may want another team to cheer on in the playoffs.  Let’s check the rosters for ex-Rattlers in the MLB postseason to give you a good idea of the possibilities.

Wild Card Teams:
Baltimore (2)
Adam Jones (’04)
Chris Tillman (’07)

Texas (0)*
*-Mark Lowe (’05) was with the Rangers during the regular season, but was left off the playoff roster due to struggles down the stretch.

St. Louis (0)

Atlanta (1)
Eric O’Flaherty (’04, ’05)

Divisional Champions
Detroit (0)

New York (3)
Raul Ibanez (Foxes, 1993 & 1994)
Alex Rodriguez (Foxes, 1994)
Rafael Soriano (2000)

Oakland (0)

Cincinnati (0)

San Francisco (0)

Washington (0)

Toss out the teams with no former Appleton Pro Baseball Alumni on their roster as possible teams to follow in the playoffs.  Good.  Who wants to cheer for St. Louis?

That leaves New York, Baltimore, & Atlanta.

If we go on numbers, that leaves…The Yankees?  Seriously? Pass.

The Braves will already have enough bandwagon fans because of Chipper Jones last ride.  No room there.

That leaves the Orioles.  To lay it out point by point:

  1. Former Rattlers Jones and Tillman both had outstanding seasons in 2012.
  2. Baltimore is in the playoffs for the first time since 1997.
  3. Baltimore was the parent club of the Foxes from 1960-1965.
  4. Earl Weaver and Cal Ripken, Sr. managed the Foxes.
  5. Boog Powell and Dave McNally played for the Foxes.
  6. The Foxes won pennants as an Orioles affiliate in 1960 (Three-I) and 1964 (MWL).
  7. This guy.  Though Wild Bill is gone, he is not forgotten:

The choice is clear.

Go, Orioles!

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