Rings & Manager News & Sale

Subjects handled in reverse order of the title of the post:

1.) The Timber Rattlers Team Store has announced a “We don’t want to move this stuff back sale”!

The store is up and running at the new location – 2350 N. Casaloma Drive, Suite #102.  As the name of the sale states “We don’t want to move this stuff back” as in, when the renovations are done, we don’t want to move stuff back to the newly expanded team store.  That means 25% off everything – except 2012 championship items – in the store for the rest of the offseason.

Christmas shopping early.  Go for it.

2. Matt Erickson back for two years?

Manager Matt Erickson told the Milwaukee Brewers he would like to remain with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

Erickson said he recently spoke with Reid Nichols, the Brewers Special Assistant to the General Manager/Director of Player Development, in their annual end of season meeting and let his wishes be known.

“He always asks if I have any questions, what are my long-term goals and if I want to move up,” said Erickson, who led the Timber Rattlers to the Midwest League championship in just his second year. “But it came right back to the present. It’s hard to beat my situation right now, the balance this gives me in my professional life and my family life.

“And to be perfectly honest, in my opinion, the affiliate in Appleton is the best in the organization right now. So I told Reid I would like to stay right here at least two more years.”

3.) The “problem’ with Championship Rings

“There are a million ring people, as I’ve been finding out as they’ve all been contacting me since we won the championship,” said Zerjav, referring to the Timber Rattlers capturing the Midwest League championship.

Zerjav said the organization has decided upon The Elite Group Inc. of Green Bay to handle the design of the rings. The company is owned by Gary Rotherham.

“We’re going to look to him. He helped design the Packers’ Super Bowl rings (in 1996),” said Zerjav. “We like the local aspect, too.”


“A lot of the rings are pretty standard,” said Zerjav. “On one side you have the player’s name, position and the year. Then you have the league and the team record. We talked to a lot of players before they left. Some want the ‘TR’ logo on top of the ring with rubies and a black background. Others want the snake head on top with rubies in the eyes.

Interesting list of possible recipients of the ring.  Click for the details.

Also, I can attest to the design being standard. Here is the ring I received as the radio voice of the Green Bay Gamblers when they won the United States Hockey League’s Clark Cup in 2000.

Simple design of the face.


Side view of logo, name, and record.


Image of the Clark Cup. The saying at the top is “Play for Each Other”.

I haven’t pulled that ring out of the drawer in years.  Simple designs are best.

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