Hostess Card Collection

Hostess may be gone for now.  But, my collection of Hostess Baseball Cards lives on for ever!

1975-1976:  That Hank Aaron card is also known as The only Hank Aaron card I have in my collection.

1976: Gene Tenace and Bobby Murcer switched teams that offseason.  I felt the need to note that.

All 1976 except for the 1977 Johnny Bench.  All of your favorite players from the mid 70’s….and Felix Millan.

1976 The Astros should ALWAYS wear these jerseys.

All 1977 except for Phil Niekro. Mike Torrez was with Oakland?  Also, I’d like to think that Champ Kind has several copies of that Gene Tenace card….WHAMMY!

All 1977: Felix Millan…again. And Bill Singer’s last year in the Majors was with the expansion Blue Jays.

All 1977: Think I could trade that Doyle Alexander card for a John Smoltz rookie card?

1977-1978: Tony Perez never looked right in an Expos uniform.

1978-1979: Bob Horner was a rookie in 1978. Bobby Murcer was on the right team.

Uncropped shot of Mehring Monday banner for this week.  Yes. I forgot to add Joe Lahoud to this image. How could I forget Joe Lahoud?

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