Alumni Report (Winter Leagues through 12/2/12)

I haven’t checked on former Timber Rattlers players in the winter leagues a few weeks.  The last time I did one of these, the Arizona Fall League was still going.

Tony Butler is playing in Puerto Rico. Carlos Maldonado & Luis Valbuena are tearing up Venezuela

Tony Butler is playing in Puerto Rico. Carlos Maldonado & Luis Valbuena are tearing up Venezuela.

You read that caption correctly.  Tony Butler is pitching in Puerto Rico.  Read on for more details on former Rattlers in Winter Ball.

Sydney Blue Sox:
Craig Anderson: 4g, 4gs; 1-1, 1.37ERA, 26.1IP, 3BB, 13K

Phoenix Desert Dogs:
Khris Davis: 15g; 226/348/264; 0HR, 6RBI
Brock Kjeldgaard: 7g; 385/455/846; 4HR, 9RBI
Hunter Morris: 21g; 256/305/360; HR, 8RBI
Josh Prince: 25g; .404/491/573; HR, 14RBI
Nick Bucci: 6g, 6gs; 2-2, 9.00ERA, 18.0IP, 9BB, 9K
Kyle Heckathorn: 10g, 0gs; 1-0, 6.75ERA; 13.1IP, 6BB, 9K
Santo Manzanillo: 3g, 0gs; 0-0, 31.50ERA; 2.0IP, 4BB, K
Jimmy Nelson: 7g, 6gs; 2-3, 4.91ERA; 22.0IP, 14BB, 23K

Dominican Republic:
Aguilas Cibaenas:
Edward Paredes: 19g, 0gs; 2-0, 2.31ERA; 11.2IP, 8BB, 8K
Juan Sandoval: 9g, 0gs; 0-1, 9.53ERA; 5.2IP, 3BB, K

Estrellas de Oriente:
Juan Diaz: 32g; 256/287/367; HR, 10RBI

Gigantes del Cibao:
Carlos Peguero: 9g; 357/514/714; 3HR, 7RBI
Rene Rivera: 9g; 152/222/333; 2HR, 3RBI
Aquilino Lopez: 7g, 0gs; 0-1, 29.45ERA; 3.2IP, 2BB, 3K*

Tigres del Licey:
Carlos Triunfel: 19g; 161/235/161; 0HR, 3RBI

Puerto Rico:
Atenienses de Manati:
Tony Butler: 7g, 0gs; 0-0, SAVE, 1.50ERA; 12.0IP, 10BB, 5K

Cangrejeros de Santruce:
Jeff Dominguez: 16g; 149/286/435; 0HR, RBI
Yadiel Rivera: 4g; 0-for-4

Criollos de Caguas:
Efrain Nieves: 5g, 0gs; 0-2, 13.50ERA; 6.2IP, 6BB, 4K

Indios de Mayaguez:
Martin Maldonado: 9g; 394/421/697; 2HR, 10RBI

Aguilas de Zulia:
Austin Bibens-Dirkx: 8g, 6gs; 1-1, SAVE, 1.60ERA; 33.2IP, 5BB, 41K

Bravos de Margarita:
Renee Cortez: 11g, 0gs; 2-1, 4.85ERA; 13.0IP, 6BB, 9K
Jeremy Jeffress: 2g, 0gs; 0-0, 0.00ERA; 3.1IP, BB, K

Cardenales de Lara:
Edilio Colina: 7g; 259/355/259; 0HR, 2RBI
Johan Limonta: 18g; 283/309/377; HR, 7RBI
Oswaldo Navarro: 18g; 176/276/235; 0HR, 4RBI
Luis Valbuena: 34g; 325/454/533; 4HR, 23RBI
Jose Escalona: 16g, 0gs; 0-0, 2.35ERA; 15.1IP, 7BB, 12K
Ryan Feierabend: 6g, 6gs; 0-1, 3.26ERA; 30.1IP, 4BB, 19K
Cesar Jimenez: 15g, 0gs; 0-2, 3 SAVES, 2.03ERA; 13.1IP, 3BB, 19K

Caribes de Anzoategui:
Luis Oliveros: 9g; 400/478/550; 0HR, 3RBI

Navagantes del Magallanes:
Sean Halton: 14g; 160/263/360; 3HR, 6RBI
Carlos Maldonado: 37g; 291/411/575; 10HR; 26RBI

Tiburones de La Guaira:
JC Ramirez: 10g, 0gs; 2-1, 10.80, 6.2IP, 7BB, 6K

*-Stats for Aquilino Lopez include two games with Tigres del Licey

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