1994 Foxes Home Game #13 – May 8

A folder was found during the renovations of Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium. Inside this folder, an era of Appleton Professional Baseball was rediscovered. The original scoresheets and boxscores from home games of the first half of the 1994 Foxes season. This was the time of Alex Rodriguez, Raul Ibanez, and many other future major league ball players.

Rattler Radio will look back at each of these games from 1994 between now and Opening Day, 2013. Enjoy.

DATE: May 8
OPPONENT: Kane County Cougars
CONDITIONS: Sunny, 68°
94hinchliffeFOXES LINEUP:
Mike Barger – cf

Manny Patel – dh
Alex Rodriguez – ss
Raul Ibanez – c
Marcus Sturdivant – lf
Brian Wallace – 3b
Giomar Guevara – 2b
David Lawson – rf
James Clifford – 1b

Ralph Millard – 2b

Glenn Reeves – rf
Billy McMillon – lf
Kevin Millar – 1b
Dave Berg – 3b
Ron Brown – cf
Willie Brown – dh
Andy Prater – c
Gavin Baugh – ss

In Game #12, the Foxes prevailed on an A-Rod walkoff hit in the bottom of the tenth.  Home game #13 would be, um, unlucky for the Foxes.

This game started innocently enough.  Billy McMilon hit a two-out solo homer in the top of the first.  Alex Rodriguez hit an RBI triple with one out in the bottom of the first.  He scored later in the inning on a throwing error and the Foxes led Kane County 2-1.
Andy Prater hit a two-out solo homer in the top of the second to tie the game.  Giomar Guevara scored on a Mike Barger RBI grounder in the bottom of the second and the Foxes were back up 3-2.

McMilon stepped up with one out in the third inning and homered to tie the game again.  In the bottom of the third, Raul Ibanez doubled and Brian Wallace singled to drive him in to make it 4-3.  Then, Wallace scored on an error to make it 5-3.
Hinchliffe and Valdes held the offenses off the scoreboard in the fourth.

McMilon walked with one out in the fifth.  He went to  third on a double by Kevin Millar and scored on a Dave Berg sacrifice fly.  In the bottom of the fifth, Ibanez hit a leadoff homer and the Foxes were up 6-4.
The Foxes look like they should have been out of the sixth inning leading 6-4.  Hinchliffe struck out the first two batters of the inning.  Then, he struck out Gavin Baugh.  But, a dropped third strike let Baugh reach first.  A single by Ralph Millard put runners on the corners.  Then, an apparent errant pickoff attempt by Hinchliffe let Baugh score and sent Millard around to third.  A passed ball on Ibanez let Millard score the tying run.  Hinchliffe did get a strikeout, his tenth of the game, to end the inning.  But, the damage had been done.

The Foxes went quietly in the bottom of the sixth and the game was still tied 6-6.

Robert Krueger took over for Hinchliffe in the top of the seventh.  He walked McMilon to start the inning.  One out later Berg doubled.  Ron Brown followed with a two-run triple and the Cougars led 8-6.
Bart Rich came on in relief of Valdes to start the bottom of the seventh inning and set down Rodriguez, Ibanez, and Sturdivant in order.

Greg Theron pitched a 1-2-3 top of the eighth to keep the Cougars at a two run lead.
In the bottom of the eighth, Appleton had runners at the corners with two outs.  But, Rich struck out Barger to end the inning.

Theron, who had been pitching well early in the ’94 season, went back out for the ninth.  If he could hold the Cougars off the scoreboard, Appleton would have Patel, Rodriguez, and Ibanez due up in the bottom of the ninth.  There was hope for a comeback.

Then, this happened:

McMilon walk.
Millar single, McMilon to second.
Berg walk, McMilon to third, Millar to second.
Ron Brown single. McMilon scores. Millar scores. Berg to second.
Willie Brown reached on E3. Berg to third, R. Brown to second.
Andy Prater grounds out 3 unassisted. Berg scores. R. Brown to third. W. Brown to second.
Baugh singles. R. Brown scores. W. Brown scores.
FIVE RUNS IN. Kane County up 13-6
PITCHING CHANGE: Robin Cope in for Greg Theron.
94copeMillard pops out to Ibanez for second out.
Reeves doubles. Baugh scores.
McMilon singles. Reeves scores.
Millar singles. McMilon to second.
Passed ball.  McMilon to third. Millar to second.
Berg hit by pitch.
R. Brown doubles. McMilon scores. Millar scores. Berg scores.
W. Brown grounds out 3-1 to end inning.

Kane County scored TEN RUNS on in the ninth inning to make the score 18-6.

The Foxes did NOT come back in the bottom of the ninth.  Bart Rich retired Patel on a fly ball to left and struck out both Rodriguez and Ibanez to end the game.

Raul Ibanez: 2-for-5, HR, 2B, RBI, 2 runs

Alex Rodriguez: 1-for-5, HR, RUN, RBI
Kevin Millar: 4-for-6, 2 doubles, two runs.

In case you lost track, McMilon went 3-for-3 with two homers, three walks, three RBI, and SIX RUNS scored

In case you lost track, Ron Brown had SEVEN RBI, including FIVE in the ninth inning.

Marc Valdes was the winning pitcher and Rich picked up the save with his three scoreless innings.

Hinchliffe walked two and struck out ten in his six innings of work.  He was the third straight Foxes starting pitcher to reach ten or more strikeouts in a game.  Ryan Franklin had eleven on May 6.  Ivan Montane had thirteen on May 7.

This game on May 8, 1994 was the final game of a homestand for the Foxes.  It was also a Sunday afternoon game.  What a crummy Sunday.  They hit the road for an eight-game road trip that features four games in Burlington and four games in Peoria.

The next home game on the 1994 schedule is May 18 against South Bend.

Click for the PDF’s:




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