Mehring Monday: More Cool Stuff

The pleas for old stuff seems to be working.  Jim Riedl dropped off a scrapbook from 1941 that includes many Papermakers photos.

Last week’s Flashback Friday covered a walkoff homer by Pat Seerey.  This week’s Mehring Monday covers all those glorious photos.

In the top photo: Several fedoras, lots, of ties, one cigarette, and either a hearing aid or an earpiece for a radio (Gentleman in the lower left corner) in attendance at Goodland Field for the 1941 opener.

In the bottom photo: Wisconsin State League President Herman D. White and Appleton Papermakers President William Van Dyke.

This photo shows Papermakers manager Eddie Dancisak and Appleton Junior Chamber of Commerce chairman Parker Schultz shaking hands before the first game of 1941.
Pat Seerey is the focus of the top three photos from The Milwaukee Journal.  On the lower left photo, Seerey is mobbed after his walkoff homer to beat Sheboygan.  The Goodland Field crowd goes wild after Seerey’s big hit in the lower right photo.
These were the players that showed up for Papermakers Spring Training at Goodland Field in 1941.
The Smith referred to in the photos below would be Red Smith.  Yes. The Red Smith of The Red Smith Banquet that is held in Appleton every January.
I love that the fans were so into the rivalry that they brought props!

This next image is the start of the “photographic ‘microscope'” The Milwaukee Journal put the Papermakers under during the 1941 season.
Top photo: 1941 when duffel bags were duffel bags!

Bottom photo: Guess where in Appleton this is.
Sadly, this is not a photo of Goodland Field.  This is the ballpark in Green Bay.
Photo on left: I think I saw this set up in a Three Stooges short.  Photo on right: This reminds me of when I used to play American Legion baseball.
Photo on left: Pat Seerey gets measured for a pair of shoes that he won after hitting a home run!  Photo on right: Seerey reads about his exploits on a teammate’s newspaper, the smartphone of it’s day.
This is Hal Irelan, a scout for Cleveland.  He is watching the game from way down the line in leftfield.  Irelan played 67 games for the Phillies in 1914 and managed in the minors, too.
The Papermakers get together for a team meal on the road.  I noted the Norman Rockwell feel to this photo when I tweeted it the other day.  What do you think?
This is from the end of the season as Pat Seerey ties that pair of shose he won.
Superstition led the Papermakers to not shave during a long winning streak towards the end of the 1941 season.  Here a few players get rid of their stubble.  Not the photos on the wall.  The editor writing the caption sure did.
Here are few of the players from early in the 1941 season.  Swede Erickson (2nd from right on the top row) is the grandfather of current Rattlers manager Matt Erickson.
Eight lads for the 1941 opener against Sheboygan!
This is a team photo from later in the 1941 season.  Note the caption again: Papermakers Entertain Ladies Tonight.

I hope you enjoyed the walk back to 1941. Keep those old photos and programs and memorabilia coming into the office!

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This is a great photo-spread! What a nice slice of minor league history. In many ways things have changed little, in others quite a lot. Back in the 40’s baseball was truly America’s pastime and the minor league franchises truly valued and appreciated.

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