Rowland-Smith & Snelling for Australia

Big League Stew had a post over the weekend about the Australian team for the World Baseball Classic.

It was titled: Getting to know your World Baseball Classic Squads: Australia

Kevin Kaduk gets to names that Timber Rattlers fans should know well.



Biggest star(s): Though he hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2010, Ryan Rowland-Smith is a familiar name to many baseball fans. Infielder Luke Hughes has also played for a couple of big league teams, most recently Oakland.

Name you may not know, but should: Remember Chris Snelling? Once a decently-rated prospect in the early 2000s, the outfielder experienced a string of injuries and only played 93 big league games. Now 31, Snelling will try and help the Aussies grab some WBC glory.

RRS struggled with the Rattlers in 2002 and was sent down to Everett.  RRS pitched great in 2003 and was sent up to the California League before the All-Star Break.

Snelling is 31 now? *sigh*

He had a great season in 2000, but he was injured for a lot of it.  I want him to stay healthy and play well in the WBC.  Then, I want to see someone sign him to get another shot.

Later in the post Kaduk explains why Travis Blackley is not pitching for Australia this year.

I bring up Blackley because he is one of those guys who probably SHOULD have been a member of the Timber Rattlers in 2002.  He was 19 and had only pitched in Everett (Northwest League).  The Mariners sent him to San Bernadino to start that season where he had a walk to strikeout ratio of 44:152 in 121-1/3 innings.  Sure would have been nice to have to have Blackley in Appleton for at least the first half of that ’02 season.

I’m not bitter.

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